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  1. For this I just asked my GP to print my patient summary. And also print a list of all my previous vaccines on file. I can't advice specifically on any mental health issues.
  2. I took a passport style photo of myself with my phone in front of a cream wall, sent it to my then fiancée. She got it printed in the US from a local place that would print it in a passport style.
  3. If you use Firefox and are familiar with their developer tools you can remove the disabled="" from the <input> tags to write in them, as well as change maxlength attribute where it doesn't let you type enough numbers for a phone number etc. That's how I've been doing it but another issue I noticed with some of these forms is that some of the fields that you enter info in can print blank if you print from certain PDF preview applications. If I print from browser it's okay but I don't own a printer and had to have them printed at Office Depot, so be sure to go through them with a fine tooth comb after printing to make sure everything is filled in.
  4. They would only get a 10 year green card if they had been married for over 2 years when filing. If they marry then apply for a CR-1 they get 2 year greencard and must remove conditions later.
  5. Heh true. When I was going through it the London embassy website said to bring an I-864 to the interview when really it's the I-134.
  6. I am currently in the K1 'limbo' process and I certainly do feel a little stress about anything going wrong with the i-485, be that a rejection or an RFE or just anything really. The CR-1 is obviously the superior visa but I will say that I don't regret that we did the K1 because when we got married we got to 'start our life together'. I would hate to get married and then have to depart and live Long Distance. Obviously though some people will have different opinions to this and that's fine, people must choose the option that's right for them. It does also seem to me from browsing this site and /r/USCIS (and my own situation) that the EAD seems to be being approved really fast when adjusting status now.
  7. I am a non-US citizen on a K1 visa and have applied for adjustment of status but still in 'limbo' (although I do have EAD now). I moved my money to a current account in the US.
  8. I just moved all my cash from the UK to the US, which is just savings from my old job in the UK. I have less than $10,000 in the UK now.
  9. Is this where I have to report foreign bank accounts when I file my taxes for the first time? Do I have to report them if I have under $10,000 overseas? I plan to only keep a UK account open with £2.50 or so in it since it won't charge me to keep it open. Am I also right in thinking I won't have to report until next year if I get a job soon? Arrived in the US November 29 2022 EAD Approved Feb 21 2023 I don't think I have to file anything this year?
  10. Basically the title. I've transferred around $35,000 into my US account before i-485 is approved. Will I have to pay tax on this again or declare it when filing taxes next year?
  11. This happened to me but weirdly they reversed it and sent the visa anyway. The timeline was as follows: 21 October - I had the interview, got a 221(g) and asked to submit the divorce certificate of my partner (the petitioner) 25 October - My visa was issued (without my knowledge) 26 October - I submit the divorce certificate they had asked for, courier told me it would be with them in a day. 27 October - I received the visa in the post, issue date 25th October. They returned the divorce certificate to me with a sticky note saying "Visa had already been sent out", I can't remember the date but it was probably the end of October. So I think they should process it fairly fast when you send it.
  12. 1. For shipping I used this company - https://www.sevenseasworldwide.com/ - It's a very straight forward door to door service, they deliver the boxed and provide bubble wrap, parcel tape, even a marker pen for the boxes. I only shipped a few boxes however. There are probably cheaper services around but I'm glad I used these. 2. Start reading up on the Adjustment of Status paperwork. You can file employment authorization (i-765) and advanced parole (i-131) WITH your adjustment of status package if you want to free of charge where normally they would be additional charge. I didn't bother with the i-131 because I don't want it. employment authorization has taken 6-8 months for people over the last year I think but it seems a lot of people now including myself are getting approved the day of doing their biometrics (USCIS will schedule this for you when they process your case, you'll probably do it around a month after submitting your AOS package). 3. Go to a social security office 2 weeks after you arrive into the US and request a social security number. You can do this before you are married, but should wait 2 weeks after arriving so you're on their system. You'll need to take your passport and your i-94 which can be accessed here: https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home ('Need A History Of Your Arrivals & Departures?' -> 'View travel history', wait until you arrive in the US to grab this) Also open a bank account if you can, try to get some proof of residency (I got added to my wife's lease), maybe get a driver license. If you get added to your spouses credit card you may start to be able to build a credit history.
  13. You'll be fine. I was asked for the i-134 at the embassy. So I'd advise having it signed and completed by your fiance and taking it with you. On another note I hate to think how much you're spending on flights if you've taken 32 in the span of 2 years lol. Edit: I just looked at your time line, hope your interview went well 🙂
  14. If you have scheduled the interview and completed the DS-160 you must also schedule a medical with visa medicals in london https://visamedicals.co.uk/ You'll need to schedule it at least 2 weeks before your interview date. When you schedule it they will send you an email listing everything you need to take with you so you can prepare, which is: ORIGINAL PASSPORT 4 X Identical Passport style photos - UK or US size ACRO Police certificate (or a copy) dated within the last 24 months Vaccination records Completed medical questionnaire which can be found at; https://uk.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2017/05/USA-MEDICAL-QUESTIONNAIRE_IV.pdf (I'm copying this from my email, wait to get the confirmation from them in case there's an updated one) A Letter/Email from the embassy/NVC to confirm your case number and visa category Summary of medical history from GP If you wear glasses or contact lenses please bring them along to the appointment If you have any significant/ongoing/previous medical conditions (i.e depression/cancer, HIV etc) please ensure that you bring a report from your GP/Specialist/Consultant regarding this; including, medication, prognosis, management etc. (this includes conditions such as depression, anxiety, diabetes, hypertension etc). Go to the medical, get any vaccines required, then go to your interview 2 weeks later. You'll need to take your DS-160 printout (just the summary cover with your photo and the barcode) with you to the embassy along with your appointment confirmation letter. Something I haven't seen mentioned on this site is that it can take a long time to clear the queue at the London embassy, took me about an hour in the main queue outside.So I would aim to arrive in London (if you're not based there) 2 hours before your appintment to give yourself plenty of time.
  15. You can find them here: https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/pdf/vaccine-requirements-according-to-applicant-age-p.pdf You'll need to get a copy of your NHS vaccination record (as well as a patient summary) to take with you, you'll likely have some of the vaccines already. I had to get 3 vaccines at the medical appointment and it added an extra £110 to the price.
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