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  1. You're the first interview request I've seen in a while. Don't be discouraged though!
  2. Green card approval timeline: POE: Dec. 1, 2022 Married: Dec. 22, 2022 AOS/EAD/AP Mailed: January 10 Received: January 13 Biometric: February 6 EAD approved: Feb 6 RFE (medical): March 27 RFER: April 11 RFE (marriage certificate): April 27 AOS Approved: July 7 Will be back to update when card is received. It's been a long 27 month process, and so excited to have the next 2 years away from USCIS. Good luck to all still waiting!
  3. She can still go back to collect her medical from the hospital before she leaves.
  4. Text messages came the same day post office marked it delivered, then physical letters came the week after.
  5. As long as you got married within 90 days of your arrival to the US, you fulfilled the visa. The problem was the limbo status you put yourself in for the past 4 years. Since you've filed, there is no issue. Now just sit back and wait.
  6. Yes. The notice will be online and you can print from there as well.
  7. I'd say wait a few days for the online access code information, then you'll be able to sign on and see if all your cases were received. Did you put them in the same package?
  8. Once you receive your online access code, you can upload the additional evidence and there are categories for the uploads. For example, at the time of filing, our 2022 tax transcript was not yet available. Once it was, I uploaded it under the affidavit of support section. There's also an unsolicited evidence section if you're looking to provide more proof of your relationship.
  9. I-485 is your green card. You no longer need an EAD card or AP. Congrats and go rest for the next 21 months before you start the ROC process haha
  10. Do all AOS applications gets transferred to a field office before approval or do some get approved while at NBC?
  11. May have to with the 10 year anniversary of the Boston Marathon event. They're just taking extra precautions to prepare for tomorrow.
  12. The updates are weird once it gets to field office, but the RFE will eventually show up in your portal. They won't continue with your case until medical is received.
  13. I'd recommend calling and speaking with an agent for clarification or contacting the home country to get a copy of that form. You should've been able to keep a copy of all your medicals to mail in for the AOS process.
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