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  1. Hi DSBeijin,


    I had a question:


    I was checking this list below and I see a difference in numbers between your list and their list for the month of July and August 2021.




    In their list they have about an additional 500 cases for both July and August.


    Was wondering why that was.

    1. DSBeijing


      Because they dont do clean split between cases, since they focus on the Groups of 500, especialy in groups on beggining of the month and end of the month, there can be lots of cases that are mixed, sometimes all the way to 3-4 groups. When I download the cases, I do it for each case individually, and know exactly how many cases are being overlapped. Second thing is, that in some sheets, under "untouched cases" they hold also other statuses, that dont indicate that the case had some work on it, of example case was transferred to another location, something was requested that is not REF and stuff like that 

    2. EdwinShinobi


      I see.


      Thank you for the detailed description. 


      They might want to look into that then 😁.

  2. Hi everyone, i know its late, I didnt post last week. but here is the overview of processing rates for last month. It seems that USCIS is loosing steam again, after months of progress, they are reducing processing again (for what ever reason). On the second screenshot are untouched NOA1 Cases per each Month. It seems that this decline was caused by situation that USCIS done "on off days" for some reason, one day they do great progress, day after processing rate halves.
  3. Hi DSBeijin, 


    Good morning!


    Hope you're having a great day.


    Will you be posting those beautiful charts and graphs you do monthly?



  4. Lets hope that they wont close it completely of, that would be really d*ck move even by USCIS standards.
  5. Strange, when I was looking at it this morning, POST was also not functioning. But it is strange change to make,
  6. Hi I will try to post it if I manage to get it updated, it seem that USCIC has made change to its website (change is not visible to the user, but on technical side), making current method of download not possible. I hope it is only temporary, and that it will continue to work.
  7. It seems that your post brought me luck, I just got approved 427 days, nightmare, but it is finaly behind me. To all other best of luck Sadly not, because October was start of new fiscal year for USCIS and the case number changes, so i didnt download them.
  8. These are only NOA1 cases that are still open for each month. (as of today)
  9. That is good news. But sadly there are plenty of cases that get denied after months of waiting. Last week there was one case from September 2020 that got denied. No RFE nothing, just got swiched from NOA1 to Case denied. That must be heartbreaking for those people. 22 Months of waiting pure horror.
  10. Sadly not, there is significant drop in processing this month, around 25% less than last month across all ranges. Last two weeks have be abysmal, and are 2 slowest weeks in last 3 Months. Probably people on holidays. But on bright side, there are new cases that just got approved/processed after working hours. so there is more than in earlier scans
  11. Hi here is the overview of untouched cases for all months
  12. Have you tried contacting ombudsman? If you have tried everything else, you can ask ombudsman for help. Last option os of course to sue USCIS and have judge force them to make decision in your case. https://www.immi-usa.com/uscis-ombudsman/
  13. I have already left all FB groups. I am trying to keep checking up on numbers and other cases to minimum. It is really mental exhausting, I didnt have problems before day 400, but now days are torture. For me its not the wait that is difficult, but knowledge that USCIS is black box with 0 transparency and inability to do any inquiry of contact them. But thank you for your post, it gives me hope that our day will also come.
  14. Could you please add your timeline for future reference of others
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