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  1. Nov filer here. The published processing times are backward looking,. If in each of the next three months they close more petitions that are waiting to be processed in the "current" month we could see the slippage slow down and actually start to decrease. To oversimplify by ignoring the sill untouched petitions from July and previous months, they just started processing August. If this month Oct they close more petitions than are outstanding for August; and In Nov they close more for Sep; and in Dec they process more for Oct....then we will see the published time decrease by end of year. Can they do it? Sure, if they put a lot more resource on I129F. Will they? I wouldn't bet my lunch on it. But the processing numbers from last Fri and yesterday are the first bit of encouragement in nearly a year of looking at data.
  2. At least in the Colombia embassy, you first pass by someone who gives you a card with exactly the order they want and then checks it. Of course this may vary by location, so best to follow the order in your embassy packet and see if you can find someone who recently went thru yours..
  3. We Nov filers are rooting for you Aug folks to be finished quickly.😃
  4. For daily updates, see the scans of USCIS processing in the July and August subforms adjacent to this one. These are performed programmatically by VJ members using custom scripts. Would bet we know USCIS progress better than USCIS itself To see the dates currently being processed based on VJ self reported data, look for K1 items on the Timelines page. This is consistent with the daily scan data, which is not limited to VJ members. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/ Hope this helps.
  5. Monthly update from Nov filer data dude. September was another dismal month for I129F as USCIS raised their reported time to 14 months and the actual data already show more like 14 months plus a week. Oct 1 marks the start of the new fiscal year for USCIS. Some of us are hoping USCIS will redeploy resources to fiance and spousal visas now to meet their aggressive target of 6 months backlog by end of FY23. For the eternal optimists among us, there was a tiny glimmer of hope in Friday's reported processing data. There was an atypically strong (for Friday) number of processed cases for June and July. Even better, we saw the first processing for August. Granted a single data point proves nothing and all the Aug were RFE, but anything positive is welcome by now.
  6. The USCIS web page says "This processing time is based on how long it took us to complete 80% of adjudicated cases over the past six months. Each case is unique, and some cases may take longer than others." In other words this is a backward looking measure of actual processing time over the last 6 months. People have constructed any number of conspiracy theories but the simplest explanation is that this number it is just what the data show. It does not in itself imply anything about the processing time for later petitions. Today is the beginning of fiscal year 2023 for USCIS and some of us are hoping that starting this month they will redeploy resources necessary to meet their aggressive targets in backlog for fiance and spousal visas by end of FY 23. If not, the backlog will only grow as new cases continue to exceed the number of cases processed.
  7. Realistically we Nov filers are at Jan or even Feb for I129F approval and then at least another two months to get to your local consulate. Once at the consulate the interview schedules vary greatly by location from a month to 6 months or more. So unless USCiS and NVC make drastic improvements soon we are looking at Mar best case for consulate receiving approved I129F and Apr best case for interview and then fiancé(e) to arrive in US.; Summer is likely for many I am fortunate that I can visit my fiancé so we a racking up evidence of time together for the interview. We chat every day on WhatsApp and talk frequently. I’m getting better in Spanish and he is starting to learn English. In anticipation of his coming here he took driving lessons and got his drivers license. I show him video of New York and explain how things work here. We Exchange videos of my cats and his dog. I show him photos of the house he will live in and take him on virtual walks in the hood. The wait is excruciating but honestly it has enabled us to know each other better and work out things that could have been explosive in the first 90 days together.We are about as opposite as two people can be and we are learning to accommodate and appreciate the differences. Hope this helps
  8. It’s not a big deal but it would make the VJ stats a bit more accurate
  9. Yes it is being processed in the California center. Technically it wasn't transferred there since it was just forwarded from the lock box in TX where we all sent our I29F petitions. I got confused because my check was cashed in TX so I thought the petition would be adjudicated there. Took me a while to understand that was just the gatekeeper who passed it on to CA. Other types of visa applications are processed at multiple centers and can be transferred from the queue in one service center to another. Currently all of us I129F filers are in the CA center from NOA1 until NOA2.
  10. It really depends n your individual situation. Best to consult with a tax advisor.
  11. Welcome to the loooong wait. Something that confused me when I first started the K! process. You sent the application to a lockbox in TX, not to the Texas Service Center. It is forwarded to the California Service Center (CSC) where nearly all I129F are processed. The only exceptions seem to be if the petitioner has a criminal background, in which case it is transferred to Vermont Service Center. The folks on VJ who post that their I129F petition is in Texas Service Center are confused about this.
  12. One thing my lawyer pointed out when I asked about Utah marriage. Although USCIS doesn't considered you to be married for immigration purposes until you meet in person to "consummate" the virtual marriage, other state and local agencies do consider you married as of the date of the ceremony. In particular the IRS does, so don't overlook the tax filing consequences.
  13. I can confirm this for K1 as well. I just came thru JFK International a few weeks ago and told the officer than I would be coming in the Spring with K1 fiancé. He said we can go together in US citizen line and she would be taken to secondary for a few quick questions and then we'd be on our way. I didn't correct the gender assumption.
  14. Thanks for the data. The silver lining is that the % trend is monotone increasing: 45, 53, 59, 77 23Q1 will be very interesting:
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