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  1. I received the email today that the case is in transit to Guangzhou consulate. 49 days since NOA2
  2. I received this email as well on 10/26. I sent them an email on 10/20.
  3. Can you please explain the process of what you said in order to get the NVC confirmation? Were you able to get the NVC case number, or just confirmation that it was sent to NVC? Thanks
  4. Finally Approved! 468 days since filing and 34 days since sending the RFER this big step is completed. Only strength through God has enabled us to stay strong. The end result will be worth it.
  5. My RFE was for proof of meeting within 2 years. I had sent many photos of us together but I suppose it wasn't enough proof of being in the 2 year time frame. So sent itineraries for flights and passport stamps indicating we have entered countries at the same time together. They also asked for 2 passport photos of myself. I sent an inquiry today.
  6. How long are RFER taking to be reviewed? I am at 30 days and becoming more nervous and anxious every day.
  7. I have been waiting 30 days for a similar RFE. It doesn't make any sense at all.
  8. We have the same RFER date of August 9th, yet my profile estimates it will be adjudicated on Aug 29th to Sept 1st, and your estimate is nearly a month later. Why is this?
  9. After 420 days exactly we received a request for initial evidence.. I was in group 94500 for reference. Will an explanation of what they are looking for be in an email or will they simply mail me a packet? How long have the RFEs been taking on average? Disappointing to receive an RFE and delay the process further but thankful to have a response. I wish everyone in this thread the best of luck. God Bless.
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