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  1. Thank you, do we have to get married before I can apply for adjustment of status for him?
  2. So neither can obtain a ssn until after filing the AOS? That is a little contrary to everything I have read about the k1 obtaining a ssn. I am completely blind about the k2 status of a minor since he will have a gc before he is old enough to work.
  3. I think I am even move confused now. I was under the impression that we could file for the ssn prior to fining for the AOS. I thought we could file 14 days after arrival, our wedding isnt until Feb.
  4. Hello, After reading the quideline and searchign the forum I unfortunately do not have clarity on this one item and could use some assistance. My fiance camt to the US on the k-1 visa and with her my step son (k-2). In the guideline it states that when filing for them to receive an ssn, the k-2 will need a valid EAD from USCIS. He is 9 years old and will not be working for the forseeable future. To obtain the EAD we would have had to file the form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization along the way but never did or were aware we needed to prior to comign to the US. Is this just an oversight and not intended for minors nor intended to work and the EAD isnt really required?
  5. in retrospect our process went pretty smoothly. I was extremely upset that we didnt get to fly back together because she was truly new to travel but she flew a week after I did and I videoed everything on the way back including the immigration officers lol they laughed because they could hear I was narrating for her and nobody complained. She did fine and arrived without a problem.
  6. As it turned out it definitely is...my interview was dec 5th and our CFO intervieew was over and done with by dec 20, she was on a plane here on Dec 22. You will be fine my friend Good luck to you both.
  7. Cfo is going to be worse. My lady had to hire someone to do the appointment for us.
  8. How long did you have to wait after your interview to receive the visa?
  9. We just finished our appointment and were approved. Children under 14 years do not need to attend. You just need all of their documentation. Good luck to all still waiting.
  10. I will The letter says no but I didn't think about the biometrics part.
  11. Please disregard. Under 14 years old not required to attend per the letter from the embassy. We only need to bring his documents.
  12. We have our appointment today at the embassy. My fiance son is sick and he is applying as a k2. Does he need to attend the appointment at the embassy? He is 9 years old.
  13. That is amazing!!!!!! I am happy that it all worked out for your family, congratulations to you all.
  14. What is the PKT3? WE are all done with our medical and waiting for our embassy appointment and I dont know if I ever got this
  15. Good morning, I believe you said your appointment was yesterday so I hope you were approved and yensions have been reduced with you and your loved one.
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