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  1. UPDATE: The status on SAVE CASE CHECK was complete on May 30 and the Social Security Card came one week later.
  2. Yeah he showed the physical visa in the passport but apparently you have to be in the system and if not USCIS/DHS has to provide verification via SAVE. No idea why the passport alone isn't sufficient, when you already have permanent residence
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had the same issue: My husband (IR1 Visa) applied for a social security card in person a few days after arriving in the U.S. It has now been 4 weeks and nothing. The office had said that he needed verification with DHS because he wasnt in the system yet but that it shouldnt take more than 2 weeks. According to the SAVE website, the status is still under review and when I contacted USCIS, all they said is that they can make us an appointment to go into a field office, but it can take weeks just to get an appointment. My husband needs to get a State ID ASAP, and we need the social security card for that.
  4. Our case status said refused because the embassy was still waiting for the medical results to be sent electronically. After a few days it changed to issued. I would email the embassy and ask.
  5. We completed our IR1 interview on Tuesday and the embassy approved our case but said they were still waiting for the medical results to be uploaded into the system. (The doctor had given us an envelope because they said they couldnt get a hold of the embassy?) A couple days ago, the doctor sent an email that the embassy had given them the wrong code initially so now they need a signed consent form and another photo in order to send our results electonically. Im assuming its pretty fast to send it electronically to the embassy? The medical exam was over 2 weeks ago so they have all the results. We are planning to move in 1 month so I hope it doesnt take another week for the results to upload.
  6. It depends on the country, so you should check with your local administrative unit. Here in Slovenia, I needed an apostilled birth certificate from my state before I could get married here and an apostilled fbi background check for my residence permit (if you want to stay more than 90 days). If you need those, it is definetely eaiser to get them while in the states. You can visit the U.S together in the meantime with ESTA, but be prepared to show proof that you will return back to EU, e.g. return tickets, employment contract.
  7. You might get lucky and get Nebraska service center, which is only a 4-5 month wait, but I would just prepare for it to take around 1 year. A couple weeks after you submit, you can inquire about your case to see if it transferred. My NOA1 said Texas, but it was transferred to Nebraska shortly after. Good luck!
  8. You can only access an agent during business hours, from 7 AM EST M-F. If you keep typing in "speak to an agent" and "technical problems" you should be able to connect to one.
  9. Hey guys, I got a DQ! At around 6 PM EST last night 23.11. I submitted the last required docs on 24th November. Good luck to everyone else.
  10. Wow, Im sorry, that sucks.. 😕 Im also living abroad and my joint sponsor is retired, so I am not looking forward to hearing from NVC..Is your joint sponsors income close to the minimum requirement? I dont see why they would be asking for so much more evidence. You could always try to expedite, doesnt hurt to ask..
  11. What did they ask for? Does anyone know if we get an RFE do we have to also upload 2021 tax documents since 3 months later will be after the tax deadline?
  12. I am waiting to hear back from NVC after submitting everything November 25. Really anxious to hear back because my mother is our joint sponsor and she had trouble scanning some of the docs (some corners are missing). It was impossible to help her properly from abroad ugh. I will update as soon as I hear from NVC. Good luck everyone!
  13. Yeah my sister is waiting for an I-130 at Texas service center, with active review status since February! It seems when you get active review status they either immediately approve it (like in my situation) or you wait months.
  14. I was able to get my transcripts online using a VPN to create an account and verify my identity with the ID.me. I had verify with a live agent because I don't have a U.S. phone number though and it took forever because they kept rejecting my documents and i had to try different ones.
  15. Thanks! It changed to active reviewing and was approved the same day.
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