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  1. We had our interview this morning in Frankfurt and it was approved. They said 5-10 business days but I expect it to be ready by mid next week. We will be picking it up in Frankfurt.
  2. My fiance's brother who lives in US did it for their mom and it was already approved. They were sent a form with a expiration date with the latest date she could enter the US. (August)
  3. You will most likely need your interview date to schedule it as that is what we were told. https://www.unidadmedica.com/en/medical-examination-visa/
  4. https://www.unidadmedica.com/en/ It was 408 eur. The X-ray will be done at the radiologists office which is a 20 minute walk from the Medical office. Told us it will take 7 days for results but we said we had limited time frame and it was ready in 2.
  5. Did our medical last Wednesday in Madrid and had the results 2 days later on Friday.Have our interview this week in Frankfurt. Appointments are available right away in Madrid for the medical.
  6. It's done via email now. Check my profile I copied all the details from the email to a post.
  7. I wrote due to the war, and the friend hosting her needs to return to work in another country. They wrote back the next day that they would immediately transfer it to Frankfurt. If you can, do the medical exam in another EU country. Both Frankfurt and Warsaw are 1+ Months out for an appointment for medical exams. Other countries have availability right away. They will accept the exam done in any EU country.
  8. For anyone with Ukrainian beneficiary's that are interviewing in Frankfurt.



    Please bring all the items listed below where applicable. One set of documents is required for each applicant. All documents not in English, Ukrainian, or Russian need a certified translation into English.   

    We understand that Ukrainian applicants may not be able to obtain some civil documents, police certificates or international passports. The officer has discretion to waive some of these documents at the time of your visa interview.   

     1. Passport, childs passport registered with the courier service for delivery https://www.ustraveldocs.com/de/de-iv-documentdelivery.asp  (please bring a printout of your profile page with the selected passport delivery method 

     2. Two photographs 5x5 cm taken in the last six months cropped and signed in English (first and last name).  

     3. Medical examination https://www.ustraveldocs.com/de/de-iv-medicalexams.asp 

    Must be completed by a CDC approved panel physician in Germany, Ukraine or any other European country. See:  https://www.ustraveldocs.com/de/de-iv-medicalexams.asp#PanelPhysicians (this exception is temporary and applies only to Ukrainian applicants) In most cases, panel physicians transmit the results to the Embassy electronically, but they will provide you with a Vaccination Records copy.   

    Applicants must submit proof of vaccinations. Applicants should also pay attention to the validity of the medical examination. If the medical examination expires before the applicant arrives in the United States, it must be repeated. Unless a certain medical condition exists, the validity of the medical exam is six months.  

     4. Confirmation page for DS-160 application form. Complete the DS-160 “Nonimmigrant Visa Application Form” online for each applicant at https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/  and print the confirmation page. IMPORTANT, please select “Frankfurt” as the processing post. Without a submitted DS-160 for each applicant, it is technically impossible to conduct the visa interview! 

     5. Birth certificate original.  

     6. Divorce certificate(s) original(s).  

     7. Death certificate(s) original(s). 

     8. Police certificate(s) original or electronic version (as of April 23, 2022 it is possible to request an electronic version here: https://vytiah.mvs.gov.ua/app/landing), listing all names ever used, including maiden and married names. You will need one for each country where you have lived for 6 months or more while 16 years old or older. Originals only. Include court and police records if ever arrested, detained or convicted of a crime (even if expunged) as well as translations. Police Certificates from Ukraine should be “FULL” («ПОВНА»), not “SHORT” («СКОРОЧЕНА»).  

     9. Military records original.  

     10. Adoption decree original.  

     11. The custody status of all applicants’ children will be reviewed. Applicants need to bring all documents related to the birth, adoption, and parental rights including permission to travel of the other parent is not accompanying them. The Ukrainian government has certain requirements for children under 16 years old traveling outside of Ukraine. You may contact the Ukrainian Border Control to find out more about the requirements applicable to your specific situation. 

     12. Evidence of relationship with your fiancé(e) – written correspondence, photographs, phone records, skype logs, travels etc.  

     13. Marriage certificate(s) or name change certificate(s) original(s). 

     14. Evidence of support – from your American fiancé(e) – Affidavit of Support I-134 with the most recent IRS tax transcript and/or W-2 original or copy.  

     15. Confirmation of payment for each applicant (265 USD), for payment options see this link: https://www.ustraveldocs.com/de/de-niv-paymentinfo.asp#feepayment (if you need to pay at the Consulate, please note that we accept cash only).   


    Please be advised that no advance assurance can be given as to when or whether a visa will be issued. You should NOT give up your job, dispose of your property, or make any final travel arrangements until you receive your passport with the visa.  

    Please be advised that no advance assurance can be given as to when or whether a visa will be issued. You should NOT give up your job, dispose of your property, or make any final travel arrangements until you receive your passport with the visa.   


    1. Mike and Liliia

      Mike and Liliia

      This is the details of what to bring to the Frankfurt embassy for Ukrainians. This was in the email with the invitation to schedule the visa interview.

  9. Yes, I would recommend scheduling it for 2 weeks out if you can. You can also request NVC to expedite your petition.(NVCExpedite@state.gov) https://vytiah.mvs.gov.ua/app/landing We were able to get ours on the 23rd of April through the app, It has been working again since that date. The consulate has the ability to waive both the medical records and police report. I think the most important thing they care about at the consulate is the TB test they conduct at the medical exam. I'm also hearing Kyiv embassy will also re-open soon from the news.
  10. My fiance is in Spain and appointments in Madrid are available immediately if anyone wants to make the trip out there!
  11. Was able to schedule my K1 interview for my Ukrainian beneficiary this morning in Frankfurt. Appointments were available as early Wednesday of next week ( May 4th). If anyone has already completed their interview, how long did it take to issue the visa? I am trying to attend with her and book my return travel. In Kyiv previously it was issued in 1-2 days.
  12. The application works again to get the police certificate. My fiance requested hers today/
  13. Has anyone been able to schedule their Visa interview in Frankfurt for their Ukrainian Beneficiary ? I see wait times for non-immigrant visa's in Frankfurt are 21 days, and in Warsaw 3 days (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/wait-times.html) Frankfurt was going to already be an inconvenience and my case is still at NVC (was just assigned case number last week). Was considering having NVC transfer our case to either Rome or Warsaw as we both have friends there.
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