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  1. Screenshots of chat and call logs are what I used.
  2. This is the response from my Russian fiancée who is finally here stateside. She did her medical last November. She had to fly from her hometown to Moscow to do her medical. Her response: for me, passing a medical examination in Moscow was very comfortable. The scope of the examination, tests are prescribed depending on the age. If a girl is over 40 years old, then you can get examined in one day. You only need to undergo an X-ray of the lungs and a conversation with a therapist. They gave me the conclusion in a sealed envelope and a copy of the conclusion, they gave it to me. I was comfortable and there were no difficulties with translation when interviewing in Poland.
  3. 1) Go to IRS website and download the “tax transcripts” for applicable years. Not entire returns. The transcripts are only a few pages for each year. 2) Don’t know.
  4. Would love to see comments here. My about to be wife and I are considering the same, but not anytime soon. We’re actually thinking about buying a mountain cottage.
  5. Just make sure the the airline employees at the gate are aware of this.
  6. As far as I know, currently only one injection is required for J&J, although it is recommended a second booster injection.
  7. It was a single shot. But you have to wait 14 days until last (Pfizer/Moderna/booster) injection to be considered “fully vaccinated”.
  8. You will be denied boarding on US bound flight if you don’t have a CDC approved vaccination and are “fully” vaccinated. My fiancé had Sputnik. She had to vaccinate with Johnson and Johnson while in Poland doing her interview.
  9. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but "until they're done". No one knows how soon it will be completed, but maybe you can contact the embassy to inquire. It will at least "remind" them that you're still waiting.
  10. Steve, If it helps, tell your wife the interview is quite short. My fiancee also mentioned that the CO was friendly. She and I had spent a considerable amount of time prepping her for the anticipated interview questions. My fiancee likes being prepared. Her interview literally was 5 minutes long, very likely less. He asked only 4 questions: Where/how did we meet? When was the last time wet met in person? What does your petitioner do for work/living? Where will you reside in the US? The interview was seemingly a formality. I would imagine a spousal interview would be even easier since you are already married. So don't worry too much about interview prepping.
  11. Yes about the CO. I suggest calling the Warsaw embassy right when they first open, or later in their afternoon. I only had to call once, and I was on hold less than 10 minutes. The woman spoke English well enough, and was professional, but not super friendly. I'm sure she was very busy. She was also knowledgeable as well.
  12. Steve considering how long you've been waiting, I'd like to think that the staff there would get you taken care of at or very near the "front of the line". I think it might be worth a call to the embassy and ask a live human about the updated passport, but I'd be reluctant to change anything on the website. It could likely lead to more delays. A real CO may just tell you to bring the new passport to the interview with you. I highly suggest calling and asking before doing anything about the passport.
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