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  1. https://ttttt.me/svo_jfk If there is still a problem send me a message with your Telegram username and I‘ll invite you.
  2. I don't know about expedited petitions but there is statistics about issued visas. Soon they will publish information for July. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics.html
  3. There is sometimes other flights are available and also they sometimes tell about flights from the US to Russia. Although they are for Russians but good to know about them.
  4. I found in Telegram SVO - JFK Chat about actual flights between US and Russia. It‘s a bit messy and just in Russian but with up to date information.
  5. Another small update. The link about all categories allowed to enter Russia is presented on the site of Russian Embassy in the US https://washington.mid.ru/ru/consular-services/ssha/visa-issues/. It leads to the list on the site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs https://www.mid.ru/informacia-dla-rossijskih-i-inostrannyh-grazdan-v-svazi-s-koronavirusnoj-infekciej/-/asset_publisher/UUDFpNltySPE/content/id/4157104.
  6. Sorry, I made a mistake and didn’t notice the area. Good luck with your interview.
  7. DOS mentions it but very vaguely. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/phased-resumption-routine-visa-services.html Q. What criteria are missions using to determine when to resume routine services? We are closely monitoring local conditions in each country where we have a U.S. presence. Local conditions that may affect when we can begin providing various public services include medical infrastructure, COVID-19 cases, emergency response capabilities, and restrictions on leaving home.
  8. Aviasales is a ticket search, they show all available tickets from different airlines. They are showing now outdated information about Aeroflot tickets NY - Moscow.
  9. You can find it beginning from August, 9 now.
  10. We are talking about Aeroflot flights from the US to Moscow. The information about future flights on Aeroflot site keeps changing. Talking about the entry of US citizens in general. There‘s an update on waytorussia.net: Russia Opens to UK and Turkey from 1 August 2020 — 24/07/2020 24/07/2020 — Starting from the 1st of August UK and Turkish citizens can fly into Russia. In order to enter Russia they will need a negative Coronavirus test made not earlier than 48 hours before the arrival. We also recommend it to be translated to Russian although this is not an official requirement. Regarding the other borders we expect that Russia will soon open borders with the US, however, it will take at least until mid September for Russia to open the border with EU as the rate of infections is 3 times higher than in the EU and the borders are opened only on the basis of reciprocity. If you are a US or an EU citizen perhaps you could fly into Russia through UK or Turkey provided you have a negative Coronavirus test but we will only find out if this route really works after we get the first positive reports of the people who actually managed to travel this way.
  11. They were offering these flights from August, 5. Now it’s changed so my guess it’s Aeroflot‘s estimation without any official grounds yet.
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