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  1. On the DoS site Russians are categorized now as a Homeless Nationality and Warsaw is mentioned as a selected post for IV. I didn’t find any information about automatic transferring of cases on any embassy site though.
  2. Your mother-in-law can try to apply for a tourist visa in Kazakhstan but the waiting time there is 344 days so it’s really hard. Your husband can find some information about it on the Russian forum here (it’s форум Винского).
  3. Yes, you need to add them to your submitted Russian ones. 1 year
  4. From outside of the EU Poland allows entering just certain categories - https://www.strazgraniczna.pl/pl/cudzoziemcy/covid-epidemia-koronawi/8572,Epidemia-koronawirusa-zasady-wjazdu-i-pobytu-na-terytorium-RP-oraz-specjalne-roz.html. This is why people go through Greece or they write (after scheduling the interview and getting Schengen) to the Russian Embassy in Warsaw for border clearance from Polish border guards.
  5. Maybe you've seen already but anyway. One person with F2A was able to transfer their case to Kazakhstan - https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=343357. Also you can look visa issuance statistics here - https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/immigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-immigrant-visa-issuances.html. In July there were 2 F2A issued for Russia but neither Moscow nor Warsaw issued them so probably people managed to transfer case or they lived in another country.
  6. I'll answer to myself😄. Biometrics appointment - 08/16/21 Card produced - 08/20/21 Card mailed - 08/24/21 Card received - 08/27/21
  7. I have a question to those who needed to redo biometrics. Guys, how long did it take from biometrics appointment to green card issuing?
  8. Look at the discussion here: Interview at Warsaw embassy - case transfer from Moscow
  9. I want to share Instagram of a Russian wife who recently had her interview in Warsaw. She is describing her experience in detail.
  10. An update on ustraveldocs in “Notification on current status of services in Russia” field: We are currently making arrangements for alternate processing locations for immigrant visa applicants who do not meet these criteria. We will provide updates shortly.
  11. Have you tried to call or to write them? It can be the obsolete information. I doubt they now are so enthusiastic about people coming to them so maybe there’s a mail option.
  12. It is even more ambiguous about those who are separated. Is the separation a good reason for Russian burocracy or not. Why not to clarify such an essential information on the site in this crazy time.
  13. I see, thank you! I just remember the announcement around August about visas specifically for separated because of virus close relatives for which a Russian citizen needs just an application without the necessity of a notarized invitation. Unclear if this exists or not then.
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