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  1. I guess my main question is if days under ESTA count towards the time. The result is: Number of days present in 2021 =201 Number of days present in 2020 = 81. Divide by 3= 27 Number of days present in 2019= 8. Divide by 6= 1.3 TOTA: 229.3
  2. I am familiar with that, Im trying to avoid having to mail the tax return
  3. Hello! I was wondering if i pass the substantial presence test for the IRS to be quialified as a resident. Here goes the time ive been in the us in the past 3 years and the type of status i had. 2019: October 23th 2019 - October 31st 2019 (ESTA-VWP) 2020: July 22nd 2020 - October 11th 2020 (ESTA VWP) 2021: March 20th 2021 - June 2nd 2021 (ESTA VWP) and August 26th 2021 - Till now ( K1 visa and AOS) Thanks everyone that can help.
  4. Do you need to upload a copy of your RFE if your response is via the online account?
  5. Does this part at the beginning of the RFE means What was wrong was that I didn't provide the tax transcripts for the last years?
  6. Hello everyone! Yesterday i got an RFE for i864 and i have a question for the refile. If the co-sponsor had a dependant in 2020 (last tax return filed), but no longer in 2021, the Household size, should it be with or without that dependant?
  7. I realized this happened on my Already Filled I-485 (i left that blank by mistake)whats the best thing I could do to fix this.
  8. I just sent my AOS package and i forgot about writing N/A on everything that i left blank. Did I ###### up?
  9. My question is, After sending the forms for EAD; but BEFORE the 90 days expiration day of the K1 visa, you can go to a SSA office and apply for a SSN.
  10. Hi Everyone, what stuff do i need to bring to my interview in Madrid? ( Besides Medical of course)
  11. Thanks everyone, how does the embassy know my mail? ( I haven’t gave it to them)
  12. Hi everyone i need an anwser please. Our case was sent already from the NVC to the embassy in Spain. Whats the next step I Should do? Just wait for my package or they will contact me via email? Thanks.
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