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  1. I’m currently a college student and have no job as of now. I’m planning to get a job after I finish school, but I want to file for I-129f. My parents can be a joint sponsor to financially support him, but eventually whenever I get a job and he gets a job, are they technically required to support him? Eventually I will be able to support him instead of my parents, but will there be trouble if they stop supporting him?
  2. I would like to know this as well. I'm not sure causes a expedited over a withdraw, maybe if you have a suspicious past or something, idk
  3. I mean if they deny you only just because you have a pending I-129f visa, but a clean record. Does that affect greencard possibilities
  4. If you are denied entry, does it effect your chances of getting a green card or other chances of coming to America?
  5. I just meant it was the fastest of the other options, not fast in general. In the past it’s been less than 15.5 months
  6. I’ve seen people say that I-129f is the fastest way to get to the US, but is this still true? A 15.5 month wait doesn’t seem fast to me. Would getting married over zoom, then applying for a spousal visa be quicker than I-129f??
  7. My partner is a Finnish citizen and usually visits me on ESTA. He has an apartment, but no job. He tells me he can provide his apartment ownership translated, but the recipes of his rent can't be translated. I want to know is it a good idea for him to visit the US while I-129f is pending? Is it likely he will be denied entry? He has a perfect record and never overstayed a visit.
  8. Does it have to be originally typed by me, or can I use a pre-typed base?
  9. I've seen some sources online saying different things, so I just want some clarifications. When making the letter of intent to marry, can I use a already made sample and fill out our names in the respected areas? Does the letter of intent to marry need to include how we met, when we met, etc. or is that done on a separate, declaration letter? Do both parties need to make declarations of how we met, or just the petitioner should make one? I've also seen sources say I (the petitioner) need my birth certificate, drivers license, and passport. Do I need all of these? I've seen other sources say I only need a birth certificate. What about the beneficiary? Will he need to provide his passport, birth certificate, etc.? Also, we aren't "officially" fiancés yet, he told me he will propose to me whenever he comes back to the US in April-July. The ring he wants to use is passed down from family in WW2, so there's no receipts. We obviously DO intend to get married, I just want to get this form in as soon as I can since the wait times are ridiculous. Is it still okay to send it now? I don't want to send it while he's in the US because I don't want to fill out I-94. I'm sorry for asking so many questions, I just want to make sure I get everything right and that I understand fully 😭 I tend to misunderstand what I read so I just want clarification.
  10. I'm planning to have my mom or dad be a joint sponsor, at least until I finish my school and start a job.
  11. So me and my partner haven’t officially planned a wedding. We know what we want, but haven’t “officially” planned it. We were going to plan it while the visa is being approved because it takes forever. I know you should have a letter of intent to marry with signatures of us both. Is this enough proof for them? I can take a picture of the ring, and I can technically make a prototype wedding invitation, but I don’t know the dates and location because god knows whenever the visa will be approved. I am also wondering, can the signatures on the letter be digital? My partner doesn’t have a printer, but he can go to the library if it’s necessary.
  12. I’ve never been employed by an employer, I’ve done freelance gigs and was technically “self employed” but I never made enough money for it to be full time. I’m in school currently, what should I fill out for that part of the form? My partner also has never been employed, what do I fill out on that section for the form? Do I leave it blank?
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