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  1. My wife was just granted a B2 visa to visit for Thanksgiving. We both live in Vietnam and teach English right now. I am a us citizen. We can not find any clear explanation for what will happen when she arrives at the JFK airport. We plan to see NYC then go to Boston to visit my family for the holiday. This is my family’s biggest holiday my siblings all return to my father’s house so my wife is excited to meet all of them. We will file our CR1 soon in hopes it will finish sometime after the current school year. Does she need to bring any evidence to the USA port of entry? Like our marriage certificate or photos of her and my dad and sister who came for the wedding here in Vietnam? Should we bring our work contacts and a letter from our employer granting us 2 weeks vacation? Will the fact we haven’t yet applied for immigration but were planning to during this 2 month period waiting for November make us look sneaky and not just slow to file? I am kinda nervous we will travel together she will separate from me at the CBP line and will get stuck without being able to contact me. Any help to alleviate nerves would be good. Thank you, this website has been a great resource for is to compile our CR1 paperwork.
  2. Hello! I am hoping if someone could maybe help me by sharing an experience or some professional input regarding my travel plan to US. I am a beneficiary to i-130 spouse petition filled in April, for which i have so far received NOA1 and waiting for approval. I have recently given interview and secured b1/b2 multiple entry 10 year visa to travel to US for which during my interview i gave reason for travel/purpose attending a wedding . 1. i have bought a return ticket for a time span of 4 months , i was hoping if anyone could share their CBP experience, if anyone else had a petition pending and went with a long time span return ticket...( what kind of questions or documents were asked and so on ).. also since the wedding i am going to gets done in about 20 days can i face problem by telling CBP i want to spend the thanks giving and new year with friend and family 2, in my ds-160 i mentioned i will be going for 20 days but since i have changed my plans and extended my stay to 4 months .. will this be smething that could land me in trouble with CBP?? 3. Since i got a good deal on the return ticket with a clause that cancellation or date change will attract heavy penalty , is it fine to have 2 return tickets i.e incase if i have to buy an early retrun date ticket ? thanks all for any and all help.
  3. So, the guy at SSA office said that DHS has somehow made my middle name to be a part of my first name, & therefore, he can't verify my name with the system & issue me a SSN. How am I supposed to fix this problem? Am I supposed to visit USCIS Application Center or USCIS Local Office or CBP office or whatever else? Is there a way to fix this issue over the phone or e-mail or something without having to physically visit since all of the above offices are several hours away from here, & obviously, I don't have a driving-license & my fiancee has a job to attend to, so we want to avoid visiting multiple places to no avail. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, Please move this topic if we have posted to the wrong forum. We are planning ahead, our interview is May 14th, we hope to cross into the United States on May 22nd. We are coming out of Ontario, planning on driving and entering through either the Detroit Ambassador Bridge, or going to the Blue Water Bridge in Sarnia - Port Huron MI. We are coming on IR-5 Visa, immediate family based. So here are our questions: How much cash should we have on us, or in the bank? Our affidavit of support, accepted by the NVC, shows clearly daughters income well above minimum standards , with the father already having an offer letter of employment from a US company. We will be driving a small UHaul truck with some furniture, clothes, books, collectables, a gas lawn mower, desktop computer, etc. We are listing these things to be relatively specific so anybody can review and suggest. Anything there that looks it could be a problem with the CBP? We are dropping the truck off in Ohio, storing stuff and then flying to Reno Nevada. Should we print out all the plane tickets? Son/brother from Canada is traveling along for the move, we have already bought his return one way airfare back to Canada. Should we print out his return itinerary? Anything else that the community recommends? What can we expect at the border? What is the best time to arrive? Thanking you all in the advance!
  5. I know this may vary, but generally what is the procedure when you reach your border of entry and how long does it take? My fiance arrives tomorrow at JFK at 10:00 PM.
  6. Hi everyone, Back in 2003 I had an encounter with CBP in the desert during an attempt to enter the US without inspection (illegally). I was 14 years old. Within a few hours I was fingerprinted and escorted back to Mexico. Two weeks later I entered the US without inspection and have not left the US since then. Fast forward to today. I have an approved I-130 application through my USC spouse and I know I need to apply for the 601a to waive the unlawful presence in the US, but I wonder if my encounter with CBP will be separate issue that may require an additional waiver. I've been reading that these types of detentions, which are common for Mexicans citizens, are usually considered "voluntary returns/departures" and don't affect the visa application. Has anyone went through a similar experience and successfully received their IR1/CR1 visa (permanent residence)? Thank you
  7. I'm confused if I need my beneficiary paper Form I-94 to add to the K1 visa paperwork or not. Over the past month, I've been contacting via email to U.S. Customs Border Protection (CBP) and how to obtain and receive the paper Form I-94 but the reply are not very helpful and the site is confusing me so I can't find what I really need. I tried to call them on the phone but I eventually kept going around in the redirect from robot operating so I can't get a hold of anyone to talk to. My Fiance more likely has the electronically issued # from the CBP. Otherwise, I would've probably had the paper if I found it. Meanwhile, we went to the CBP site and got the information. I'm not sure if the paper form is needed or not though. I hope to hear back from someone who can help me out with this. I know I have a long way to go, I wished I went through this papers a month ago from when I got started on it but now it's time to make up for the delayed process.
  8. My roommate has a valid 10 year green card. She was out of the country for four years which in most cases would have resulted in her losing her green card. She was fortunate to receive an SB1 Visa where she demonstrated that not returning to the US was beyond her control. She returned to the U.S. a couple weeks ago. Not thinking things through I booked us a three day mini-cruise out of Los Angeles to Mexico and back (non-refundable of course). Should we worry at all about her being denied entry back into the U.S by CBP? Could they reason that after she was gone for four years and then 40 days later she takes off out of the country again, that this demonstrates that she is not taking her residency seriously? (even though this is an obvious quick vacation/holiday) To make things more complicated, her passport name does not match her green card name. This is because she is recently divorced and changed her name back to her maiden name. Her passport is in her current name and the green card is still in her married name. She has documentation of the divorce and name change, To avoid any risk should we just suck it up and forget about the cruise? If so, how long before she should not worry about travelling internationally again?
  9. https://www.justanswer.com/immigration-law/bafed-meeting-uscis-tomorrow-regards-getting.html Look at this poor sap who got married, filed for AoS for his wife, then a few months later they left the country to do a Catholic wedding ceremony, and upon trying to re-enter the US, the wife was denied because she left without having advance parole approved. They thought they would be ok because their green card interview date was for later that same day! It is not unreasonable, if one does not know any better, to think CBP would let you into the country to attend your residency interview that day, but one more reason why it pays to understand this process fully. I feel sorry for them, they must be in so much pain and kicking themselves. A good reminder that we are lucky to have found this site to avoid such mistakes.
  10. Hello - I am leaving the country and returning with AP for the first time. I am applying for AoS as married to a USC, and I received my EAD/advance parole a few weeks ago. I just accepted a job at a firm that provides advice/capital raising to cannabis firms in the US, and and owns minority percentages of cannabis companies. I do not believe we are doing anything federally illegal. We are not "touching the plant." We are not involved in the actual growing and selling of weed, just advising those who are (state legally) doing it on how to grow their business. 1) Is it likely they will ask who I work for at the port of entry on my return, and press me for the name of the company? (trip is for leisure but I will be at a port of entry for first time in 4 years) 2) do i have to tell them the name of the firm and what the firm does if asked (it has a website so it can be looked up), or can I just say "Finance/advisory/capital raising firm" and leave it at that? (I have no intention of lying or misrepresenting myself, just not giving all extraneous information unless required) 3) will it be a problem to enter if I work for this firm and they get the name and industry out of me? Thanks
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