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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I am a USC and I will be traveling to Hawaii (Oahu) with my wife soon from overseas. Upon arrival would it be possible for us to use the US Citizen line together to get through immigration? Or would we have to use the Esta/visitor line? Thank you
  2. Hi everybody :) My husband (26, who is a USC) an I (24, Danish) filed for i-130 back in July 2022. We have been married since November 1st 2021. Last time I was in the US was from July to September 2022. I am currently planning a trip to see my husband in the US in March, because it will be one year since his father passed away, and my husband and his family are having a small memorial. I am only planning on staying for about 2 weeks, because I’m worried the customs officer will be suspicious if I stay for longer, while my i-130 is pending. I didn’t really think it would be a problem to enter the US when it’s only for a short period of time and I do have a good reason to go, but now after doing some research, it looks like you need a LOT of ties to your home country, otherwise you can get denied entry. The problem is, that I basically have no strong ties to Denmark. I’m currently unemployed, staying with my parents so I own no property etc… Another thing is, I’ve previously gotten two extensions on my ESTA while visiting the US back in the beginning of covid. (First time was because my flights kept getting cancelled when I tried to go back home to Denmark, second time I got really sick and was unable to board my flight and leave the US. I have proof of both, and will bring them, if I go to the US.) I’m afraid that the extensions will also be a problem when I try to enter the US… Of course I will leave the US after my short stay, and would never try to commit visa fraud. But I am afraid that it looks like I would, with my i-130 pending and no strong ties to Denmark. So my question is: Do you think I’ll be able to enter the US? If I only stay for about 2 weeks and of course bring my return ticket? Or would it be too risky/is the chance that I’ll get denied too big? I know that it’s completely up to the border control officer to decide, so none of you can tell me exactly what will happen- but what is your guys experiences with traveling on ESTA while waiting for a visa, with no strong ties to your home country? And is a memorial a good enough reason to go? I so badly want to be there for my husband during this time. I’m also planning on going to the US in May, for my sister in law’s wedding. If I do end up going in March, will it then be harder to enter again in May, even if that is also just for a short stay? Thanks!!
  3. I arrived in the US on a CR1 visa yesterday. I did not realize it at the time, but the Washington (IAD) CBP officer did not stamp my visa nor my passport. The stamp was supposed to endorse the visa. Doesn't that mean I don't have a temporary I-551 of one year like it says at the bottom of the visa? I asked the officer to change my mailing address. USCIS' Emma confirmed that the address change went through and that my green card is being processed, but could not tell me if I am a Lawful Permanent Resident and that I should ask an immigration lawyer. Emma further asked if I wanted an appointment to get a stamp. I said yes. However, that can take up to 30 days, apparently? Can I do anything at all without an I-551? I wanted to apply for jobs, and have interviews lined up, but I'm not even sure if I can do that now.
  4. Hello - I am leaving the country and returning with AP for the first time. I am applying for AoS as married to a USC, and I received my EAD/advance parole a few weeks ago. I just accepted a job at a firm that provides advice/capital raising to cannabis firms in the US, and and owns minority percentages of cannabis companies. I do not believe we are doing anything federally illegal. We are not "touching the plant." We are not involved in the actual growing and selling of weed, just advising those who are (state legally) doing it on how to grow their business. 1) Is it likely they will ask who I work for at the port of entry on my return, and press me for the name of the company? (trip is for leisure but I will be at a port of entry for first time in 4 years) 2) do i have to tell them the name of the firm and what the firm does if asked (it has a website so it can be looked up), or can I just say "Finance/advisory/capital raising firm" and leave it at that? (I have no intention of lying or misrepresenting myself, just not giving all extraneous information unless required) 3) will it be a problem to enter if I work for this firm and they get the name and industry out of me? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I am 29 years old male with a full time job (Technical Engineer for Local Government) in UK London, I have visited the USA twice within the last year (under 2 weeks), the last time I travelled was in mid May 2022 for 10 days and both times I have them I was visiting friends and family, I’m getting a little worried that it is becoming suspicious. I have scheduled another visit last August for 9 days to spend time with her (almost running out of vacation days from work) lol Should I just tell them I am visiting my girlfriend for an X amount of days/weeks? Am I allowed to visit my girlfriend on n ESTA? Does anyone think this will be a problem? I would like to hear some of your past experiences.
  6. Hello, My friend came over the US-Mexico border wall in April 2022 and got injured. CBP called an ambulance and rushed him to a nearby hospital in San Diego, California. He did not get an i94 or any documentation from CBP due to his emergency. He came out the hospital a month ago. He cannot go to a USCIS office to give in himself because they don't do walk ins. Please advise the next steps for him to seek asylum? Thank you 😊
  7. So I'm traveling to the U.S very soon and I have a couple of questions regarding flying to the U.S after you've gotten your visa and I'm hoping anyone that has went through the same experience can help me answer them. Quick information about my situation: immigrant visa is family based (mom petitioned for me), I'm a 28 year old male, mom's in the states (so I'll be traveling to the U.S by myself). So my questions are: What sort of process do I have to go through upon landing at the port of entry? Apart from my passport, immigrant visa packet provided by the embassy, medical exam, and all of the official documents I submitted at my interviewat the embassy, are there any other documents that I need to have upon landing? What kind of questions does CBP usually ask when it comes to people entering with immigrant visas (i.e., will the CBP interview be roughly the same as the interview at the U.S embassy?) Also, if you have any other tips for me, that would be much appreciated. Thank you and God bless. 22 Comments Share Save
  8. Hello, I was just denied entry to the USA with a ESTA because the purpose of my trip was to get married to a US citizen. They said to obtain a k1 visa and then come back. They didn’t accuse me of anything or ban me, or at least it doesn’t say it on the papers. But on the letter they gave me it says “she was advised to come back with a visa and waiver.” Would the waiver be if I intended to come back with a tourist visa? Do I still need a waiver if I come with a k1? Thank you Less
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