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  1. I finally received my green card from my former attorney's office today. Thank you again everyone. My detailed timeline is posted in the signature section.
  2. I would sue, but I am not you, so you do you. I guess that's my very first haiku.
  3. working without authorization is not an issue if vawa is approved. But if it is denied, you will be on record telling USCIS that you worked without authorization.
  4. Thanks, @Demise. So is it possible to file mandamus just for i360? Also I saw other cases who had medicals not done, filed mandamus and then were asked to submit medicals for i485. A few. Submit out of normal processing time request.
  5. Please talk to an experienced family based immigration lawyer on pros and cons of Gc thru vawa vs Gc thru your daughter sponsoring you, to see which is faster / safer / cheaper. Mandamus costs 4-5 thousand dollars. I don't know if you have inadmissibilty issues or other complicating factors that might favor one way or the other, also I know only a little bit about getting GC as family member of US citizen / military service member. @Demise please chime in with your legal wisdom.
  6. unless you think its faster to get your green card and citizenship through your derivative (daughter?) sponsoring you. I don't know when she can become a citizen through military, am hazy on those details. Keep me posted as that is something I want to know about.
  7. I would have filed a mandamus at the 2.5 year mark, but of course I don't know your situation.
  8. Well they can always send a routine congressional inquiry, i dont know why your congressperson is so stingy with a simple service. Shop around till you find a congressperson or senator willing to do this for you. But its true that uscis will just respond in 30 to 45 days with a boilerplate answer that they are working on your case. unless they sent you rfe or noid and you didnt get it, in that case they will tell congressperson that they sent RFE / NOID. For example my lawyer misplaced RFE for medicals and i never got it, only found out when USCIS told senator that they sent RFE and were waiting for my response. They never updated online portal for the RFE either. So that is one thing - information, that is advantage of a congressional inquiry. Mandamus - completely depends on the judge you get, but usually any petition beyond two years the judge will frown at uscis and may be more likely to rule in your favor if the case goes to court. I think that is probably why VSC limits the processing time to as close to two years as possible, they know they will have a slew of court cases if they make their "posted" processing times more unreasonable than that. (criticism welcome from forum, this is just my opinion.) More importantly USCIS hates going to court, as that is a lot more work for them. They will likely approve your case faster if you file a mandamus at the two year mark. See @RKE 's post a few pages ago. They filed mandamus after about three years and got to green card in a few months. Now whether you want to file mandamus now or later is completely up to you. But it seems rational to wait the full 26 - 27 months for USCIS to get off their voluminous posteriors and adjudicate your I360. https://www.jeelani-law.com/services/writ-of-mandamus/ https://www.hooyou.com/i-485/mandamus.html#:~:text=Sending a “Notice of Intention,evidence surrounding the potential lawsuit.
  9. You can use congressional (senator or congressman) inquiry any time you want. Its actually important to do so. so that they know you are watching. You can also consider a mandamus writ if its more than 2 years since you filed your I 360 petition. Some forum members have had success with mandamus.
  10. My best wishes @Rhema1 . I hope you get your green card super fast after submitting medicals too! And no, I ain't going nowhere buddy. Next step is to moderate the moderator's jokes.
  11. Just got "New Card Is Being Produced" update on my I485 case. Cant stop smiling. I am now a permanent resident of the United ducking States of Murica. I will always be indebted to this group for the education, guidance and kindness provided. Nothing else on the internet or offline compares to what I got here. @TBoneTX, @Demise @Pinkrlion @Rhema1 @Anujra and so many others, you rock big time. Thank you also for tolerating my last minute jitters and anxiety. I will continue to haunt this group and will be available as needed, to share what little I know. For everyone waiting, please keep hope alive and I wish you success at the soonest. I hope you all find strength and courage every day from this group and elsewhere.
  12. Heck yes. You never know how long they will drag your I360 case. The EAD renewal is a simple and quick petition. Also, your current EAD work authorization (but NOT AP if its a combo card) automatically extends for another 540 days after expiration as long as you submit renewal before expiration. Mentioning this in case they don't renew EAD before expiration of your current one.
  13. Thank you very much, @DanyT. this is very helpful info.
  14. I really appreciate the advice, I need all the data I can get, helps me plan. As far as I understand, USCIS commonly adjudicates the case very quickly if a writ is filed, to avoid dealing with court. @RKE please chime in on your mandamus experience. At the very least, it creates a higher level of scrutiny, and it reflects poorly on the officer in question that the I485 has been pending more than 9-10 months after VAWA approval, and more than 2 years after I-485 was filed. My EAD renewal was approved within one month after I filed an out of normal processing time request.
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