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  1. What was the reason for the denial? You can paste the reason/document here after removing all your personal information. Did you get a Prima Facie and was your EAD/work authorization approved ?
  2. You can submit it without living with them but VAWA is not for the light hearted. Consider every other option before you file for it, and record everything. The uncertainty w.r.t VAWA can drive one mad so consider it only as a last resort where you've made up your mind to never ever get back with your spouse again. Most people apply for VAWA with a mindset of do-or-die. We'll also loose over 3-5 years of our lives behind it that were never going to get back. Best of luck and we're here if you need us.
  3. This is the same thing as FBI background check, IdentoGo is a 3rd party that can officially conduct the same fingerprinting based background check against the national cjis database that FBI also offers from their official website.
  4. A psychological evaluation is a must to prove extreme cruelty. Your attorney should have told you so, if you want you can get it revaluated from an attorney who understands VAWA, and also check with other experienced members here. I think your situation is critical right now and you'll need to focus your energy on finding the right solution. I'm pretty sure you can get through this and we can tell that you're going through extreme mental crisis, USCIS is NOT an authority on calling your abuse as not significant enough/ extreme cruelty if you're thinking of ending yourself. Fight it till you die man, direct all that negative energy towards your goal of proving them wrong, we cannot let USCIS support abusive citizen spouses this way and get away with this partiality & abuse of law. Feel free to share and keep us posted about your next steps.
  5. Did you submit a psychological evaluation? You can submit another evaluation from the sessions you've been attending, the attorney will know what's best for his case.
  6. Hi Demise, thank you for everything you do 😊. When does one get this PFD denial? I never got it, I've been waiting for a PFD since April 2021. Apart from the receipts I did get the lifesaving EAD in 7 months and an update of Correspondence received - probably address change (in April). I love this thread, this is the only place that brings me peace.
  7. Hello everyone, I got the following update on my case: What does this update mean, "Correspondence Was Received And USCIS Is Reviewing It"? My attorney had submitted an AR-11 in the second week of December 2021 and submitted another AR-11 in the 3rd week of Feb 2022, is this an update for the address change ? My timeline so far (no PF till date) - April 2021 - Concurrently filed i360, i485, i765 c09, i131 April 2021 - Receipts Received May 2021 - Finger prints reused for i485 and i765 and i360 Sept 2021 - i765 - New card is being produced - c09 Oct 2021 - 2 years EAD in hand Dec 2022 - AR11 submitted Feb 2022 - AR11 submitted April 2022 - Case Status: Initial Review - Correspondence Was Received And USCIS Is Reviewing It
  8. That's a very harsh RFE, it looks like the specific IO looked at it with a 'deny' motive in their mind. To me it looks like they are coming at you personally, challenge USCIS in whatever way you can, it looks due to the extreme abuse circumstances you were not able to collect the very proofs that VAWA's requires. This is like a catch-22 situation where they are specifically asking for things that someone in such a situation would in most likeliness not be able to get. This will make one suffer even more from the abuse - USCIS assisting the abuser BY LAW ! Please don't take my recommendations as a legal advice and heed recommendations from your legal council or more experienced members here. But I sincerely want to thank you for sharing the details of your case and note that we're all on your side.
  9. Yeah, seeing that odd i94 made the employer's eyes sparkle as it meant that they can reissue a new i94 for H1b, some process they do very often, but I have 0 idea about. I was also planning on doing the same thing, i.e., travelling with EAD/AP, getting H1b stamped, and returning with the stamped H1b; OR if H1b does not go through (for some weird reason) returning with the same EAD/AP; but my attorney still advised me to not to travel internationally as I don't even have a PF yet (she suspects that my ex wrote some fake story about me in the i130 withdrawal letter that was sent to USCIS but I don't suspect it BUT I've been wrong before about my ex hence my trust on the attorney). Let's see, once I start working and once the COVID-related travel bans are lifted I will try to consult with my attorney once again, I don't want to go against the attorney's advise or piss them off since we have some time with a valid EAD for 2-years. If the attorney still suggests against it I think I may have to get my case evaluated again legally from one of the attorney's here for a 2nd opinion. Thank you all for your advise especially @Demise @sandranj, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
  10. H1b was approved with my employer in 2021 under consular processing after I had gone out of status and after i had applied for i136. Currently my status is that I'm on a pending i360 with a valid c09 ead-ap but my i94 still shows an older F1 status which my employer thinks can be used to convert to an H1B i94. The following timeline will add more clarity to it: March 2020 - AOS from F1 to i130 with i485, i765, and i131 applied in March 2020. June 2020- OPY-EAD expired in June 2020. Aug 2020- F1 expired in Aug 2020 around i94 became inactive. Sep 2020- Received i130 485 based EAD-AP in Sep 2020. March 2021- i130 was revoked by my spouse and I received NOID revoking the EAD-AP by March 2021. April 2021- Applied for i136 with i485, i765, and i131. April 2021- Suddenly I-94 showed up updated and now showing class of admission - F1 with Admit until date - D/S. June 2021- Company applied for H1B via consular processing. Aug2021- H1B approved. Sept 2021- C09 EAD-AP approved. TIA.
  11. The employers' attorney said that I should be able to get H1B stamped as it's a dual intent visa but I trust my attorney more than the employers'. The employers' attorney planned for me to get the H1B stamp from the consulate and then enter using the H1B and not the EAD/AP. +1 to the following. @Demise I do not want to travel at all due to COVID-19 but i thought consular processing is the only way to get the H1B for my case. But the employer also talked about doing something with the I-94 by issuing a new I-94 for the H1B but I didn't understand it, do you have any idea about it or if it can be done iny case. The H1B they filled for is a consular processing H1B via a consulate.
  12. I-131 was approved a day after EAD was approved. Can an Adjustment of status to H1b be done while waiting on the VAWA EAD ? My attorney advised me not to exit the country as I was out-of-status for a few days while we replied back to the I-130 NOID with the I-360 and that it's risky even though I've the VAWA - EAD-AP. The was worried about getting an RFE or NOID on the I-360 while I was out to get the H1b stamp. I wanted to be on H1b as a backup while waiting on the I-360 but now I'm not sure if it can be done. Is it not possible do a COS to H1b via consular processing using the EAD/AP to travel? TIA.
  13. Ty, my receipt date was in the first week of April 2021. I'm still waiting on an update on my i131.
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