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  1. Hey everyone, my PF is expiring in two weeks… I never got a new one. Is it a bad sign?
  2. Yes status changed to Fingerprints were taken on 03/23/2022 (they just reused my previous biometrics)
  3. Hello, My I-485 status changed to "Notice returned by the Post Office" today. So i have sent an inquiry to get a copy, sent an email to Senator's Office to make an inquiry on my behalf as well. Waiting.
  4. I have read on other forums it happened to many people too. Their C31 got approved but it says C09 in paper approval with the receipt number from c31 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. Yes but how can they send approval for c09 with receipt # from c31 from feb if receipt for c09 was never gotten haha idk what they are doing there… maybe they just got so exhausted from my letters that they decided to shut me up for a while and let me work even if the receipt # is wrong lmao
  6. I did. I put c31 in that feb one and put c09 in sep one but i do not understand why they use receipt # from my c31 and never sent noa1 for c09 or is it what they normally do just merge the receipts ##? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  7. Let’s say my receipt number for c31 is EADXYZ dated 02/2022 and i never got receipts for c09 submitted in sep 2022 so approval notice i got says we approved your i-765 with receipt #EADXYZ dated 02/2022 but category is c09 so i am now confused 😕
  8. Yes i-765 but the receipt number is c31 as i applied two different forms c31 and c09. so the approval shows receipt # from my c31 case with c09 category and the receipt date is also from c31 i submitted c31 in feb 2022 and c09 in sep 2022
  9. I am confused… just got my approval for I-765 by mail with the receipt number linked to my c31… the approval notice contains C31 receipt number with c 09 category 😕 is it a mistake or do they really use same receipt number for both of my categories? i have never received receipt notices for c09
  10. 😁 Yep! Your jokes always work 💜 Thank you dear!!!!!!!!
  11. OMG OMG! New card is being produced for my C31 … status has changed just now! 🙈🙊
  12. Just an update from senator's office on my RFE submitted on 04/14/2022... Nothing new lol
  13. Usually when you file for divorce you indicate that in the form. Once your divorce is finalized you will get a Divorce Certificate (should be ordered by yourself once Decree is issued) with already your maiden name. ***At least that is how it works in Colorado
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