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  1. RFE will have no impact on your case. and why do you think they will deny your case? Do not think too much
  2. Hi Family. need advice. After I360 approval, Vermont service check our I485 as well and can send us RFE before transferring it to the local office?
  3. You can go and come back without any issue. I do not see any problem in it
  4. if you included c09 in your I765, you should have received it by now. Send a letter to them and ask.
  5. i guess we can still renew our c09 based on pending petition and it doesn't matter if we have c31 or no. I didn't get denial of my c09. It is c31 that was filed last year when my attorney mistakenly included c31 instead of c09. But since USCIS already issued me c31, so there is no point for them to issue me again c31 EAD. that's what i am assuming in my case- I have both c09 and c31 which are valid
  6. you can do it all together. that's what I always do I usually use paper clips instead of stapler.
  7. a quick trip would be okay. but you should expect to hear a good news anytime soon
  8. Congratulations you have been approved :-) And your I765 has been denied because you will receive c31 category so there is no point for them to issue you 2 c31 EADs. Same thing happened with my i have c31 EAD and yesterday they denied my i765 based on c31 category since I already have one :-) I am waiting for the decision notice though ~ But congratulations
  9. Well approval notice usually comes within few weeks. I got my c31 card on Nov 13th and I still am waiting for my approval notice yet thats amazing. They approved my renewal within 3 weeks as well πŸ™‚
  10. I agree. same thing happened with me. I attached my I485 receipt and got my combo card without paying a fees
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