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  1. can u tell me how many days it takes to get packet 4 either in email or mail after ur case gets ready??

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    2. Tanveer walia

      Tanveer walia

      so can i schedule the k 1 visa interview and medical without waiting for appoitment letter from embassy? it wont be a problem right?

    3. SandyR


      if you paid your fee, you can schedule your medical and interview.  The medical will require your letter from NVC that shows the BMB case number and your WAC USCIS number.  you need to make sure medical results are back before the interview date so don't schedule too closely.  We went to Chennai for medical - they were quickest but then that is far from Mumbai.  but Mumbai has a few days to get medical.  you can call the hospital and inquire.  


      Medical is scheduled just by calling and making appointment.  you need to have those numbers ready.  

      Interview and VAC (biometrics) is scheduled via US Travel Docs.

    4. Tanveer walia

      Tanveer walia

      Thank u for ur reply

  2. For India, if you are in ready status, you can go pay your fee. You can't schedule interview until you pay the fee. You also need the medical before the interview, however, you can schedule the interview in advance, allowing enough time to get the medical results. If you are unmarried and never married, you do not bring a marriage certificate as one does not exist.
  3. We had our interview on June 17. Status changed from Administrative Processing to Issued on June 22. We have not received any tracking info. Does anyone know if there is tracking info or does the passport just show up one day? Not sure if the current status of the passport means it was picked up from embassy or awaiting pickup. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks much. This is the status when put in passport tracking: Passport Status : Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery
  4. Hey original group from way back when! I wanted to report that we FINALLY had our interview and got approved. What a journey. we even got referred for sputum test and had to wait an extra 8 weeks! but that is behind us and now we wait for the visa to be issued and get him here. Just in time to enjoy summer. So happy! Thanks again to all of you for being with me on this journey.
  5. There are no travel restrictions for flying with infant. Not sure if you are asking something else. I was in India a month ago and plane filled with kids/babies. You just have to make sure you have the Air Suvidha form filled out. Kids under 5 don't have to have PCR. If you fly an American flight, you don't have to wear a mask (but can if you want). If you fly Air India, I think they are still requiring masks (at least that is what their website says).
  6. Congratulations!!!! That's good news. Good luck with getting all together and all.
  7. Hang in there! you will soon look back on this and won't even remember how long it took! you are nearing the finish line. Through this process I have learned to let it be and not try to plan for the next step. We hit road bump after road bump so all our planning never worked. It will be done on the timeframe that is supposed to be and we can't do anything to change it. So just enjoy your conversations and try not to worry about when and how!
  8. Congratulations! As Bittersweetlovee said, you aren't alone. I think those of us remaining have gone silent. Not much to say. Just wait. We finally got through all the hoops and have our interview set for this month! Long wait from a January 4, 2021 receipt date!! Good luck to all of you still hanging in there. I know some countries have a much longer wait time and that sucks! But good news will eventually come. It's good to hear some good news so thanks for the update!
  9. Yes, e-visa just means you can apply online (e- electronic). you can apply for 1 year, 5-year, etc. Once I submitted all info, I got a response in 2 days with the visa attached. It is a simple process.
  10. Hi- the process is very simple. Apply for evisa online here: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html be ready to upload a photo and your passport. it takes a few days and they will email you the visa. I just did this a couple of months ago. Process was very smooth. As for OCI, that might take a bit? I'm not sure. here is a link for that. perhaps you can figure out how long it takes. I'd probably get the regular visa and do OCI later. https://services.vfsglobal.com/usa/en/ind/apply-oci-services good luck.
  11. I'm guessing it is the embassy then. Try emailing and see if you get anywhere. I also could not get anywhere on the phone with them but they were responsive to email. good luck. I'm sure you just have to wait it out. luck of the draw as to when they will get going on your case.
  12. I'm still in the long process! Got hung up at the medical so we are waiting 8 weeks for that. As far as your case - I'm sure it is in the embassy's hands as to when they receive. Have you verified it was received using the DHL hack mentioned in files at front of the thread? then you would at least know if the embassy received it. I have had success emailing our embassy and getting an answer within a day. Not sure if that would help you or not. But I would try after checking out the hack or verifying somehow if it was received. Not sure you can use hack backwards. but DHL should be able to let you know if it was delivered. good luck.
  13. Ya I know this all sucks. Delay after delay. I’ve noticed that cases seem to be sent back quickly so hopefully that is the case with yours.
  14. Sometimes USCIS forgets to mark the I-129f as approved and NVC has to send back. Not a big deal just a delay. Hopefully that is all it is. Hang in there.
  15. It’s all over the board. I’ve seen cases go in two days! They ship every other week on Tuesday and Wednesday so you won’t see activity outside of those days. And it depends upon your embassy being able to accept cases as well. Good luck!
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