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  1. Did you update your address with the IRCC to when you informed them of your US LPR status? Considering that we're LPRs of the US, I'd think having a non-US address on file would be questioned? @Kai G. Llewellyn Please feel free to chime in on this
  2. Hi @Kai G. Llewellyn Much like you, I have established LPR status in the US upon being granted a CR1 VISA. Per your post, you recommend that IRCC be informed of US LPR status once it's established - how do I go about doing it? Considering that I submitted my online application after the CR1 VISA foil was pasted on my passport, I included it on my application. I have a citizenship application that is pending with the IRCC and wasn't sure what was the right channel to inform the IRCC about my US LPR status. Also, did you inform the CRA in the same year that you moved, or updated your status with the tax filing in the following year? My timeline follows- US CR1 VISA issued in December 2021 (early December) Applied for Canadian citizenship in December 2021 (end of December) and included the CR1 VISA foil on my application Crossed into the US with the CR1 in May 2022 US GC mailed and received in June 2022 Many thanks! NK
  3. Hi All, I'm in the process of establishing LPR in the US and winding up my stay in Canada. Considering that a lot of institutions (governmental agencies, financial institutions, et al) require a Canadian number for authentication (2FA), I need the ability to forward phone calls/texts received on my Canadian cell number to my US cell number. While there exists the option to retain the cell number with the carrier, a considerable premium is levvied to retain the number. Are there any recommended utilities/VOIP tools that I could leverage to address the fact that I'll need to the ability to receive calls/texts sent to my Canadian number in the US? Many thanks! NK
  4. Hi All, I was granted a CR1 VISA last year that is valid through May. I intend on activating the VISA (prior to the expiration) considering that I will be moving later in the year, but have a few questions on returning back to Canada after the activation - (i) How long can I live in Canada after activating the CR1 VISA, without violating the LPR status in the US? (ii) In the event that I extend my stay in Canada a bit longer after activating the VISA (through the end of the year for instance), would that prohibit me from entering the US as a LPR? (iii) I've read mixed opinions on OHIP coverage. Would I lose OHIP coverage once I activate the CR1 VISA, or would it happen when I finally move out of Ontario to the US? In the event that I lose OHIP coverage the moment my CR1 VISA is activated, are there recommended insurance providers that can be looked at? (iv) Once I have established my LPR status in the US (upon activation) do I continue to get taxed in Canada as a resident? Many thanks! NK
  5. Many thanks for the detailed response @Kai G. Llewellyn Per your response (i), it seems I wouldn't need to make an entry for the IV VISA foil that was inserted into my passport. However, I held a B1/B2 tourist VISA (issued earlier) that was cancelled upon issuance of the IV VISA. While I agree that the IV VISA doesn't establish LPR status, my rationale was that I'd make the entry for the IV VISA to explain why the end date of the VISA would be different from the original expiration date. I'm on the fence for making an entry for the B1/B2 tourist VISA, but I've made multiple entries on it and per a tweet (attached) I came across recently I've had to rethink about it.
  6. Hi All, I am a recent recipient of the CR1/IR1 VISA and as I fill out my Canadian citizenship application, I had a couple of questions - (i) Did anyone have the CR1/IR1 VISA issued and stamped in their passport when they applied for Canadian citizenship? If yes, do we list it on the application? Are there any specifics (CR1/IR1 VISA stamp et al) that need to attached with the citizenship application to explain the situation/case? (ii) When I do activate the CR1/IR1 VISA, will I be questioned about my status in Canada (Canadian Permanent Resident) and the intent to acquire Canadian citizenship at the POE? (iii) While I believe it's possible to maintain permanent resident status in Canada while waiting on the citizenship as a LPR in the US, are there any nuances and pitfalls that one should be aware of? @From_CAN_2_US, @Kai G. Llewellyn I look forward to getting your inputs! Many thanks! NK
  7. I'm about to be granted permanent residence in the USA (IR1/CR1), and will also be submitting my Canadian citizenship application next month. Upon submitting my Canadian citizenship application, I intend on leaving Canada and moving to the USA. Considering that I will be completing a "landing process" to establish my residence in the US. I had a few questions around the impending move, and the citizenship process- (i) Will my health coverage in Canada (OHIP) cease once I travel to complete the "landing process" for the USA? I do anticipate being in Canada for a while after the "landing process" to wrap my stay in Canada, and will be employed by my Canadian employer during that period (ii) Am I considered a resident in Canada once I have landed in the USA? If yes, do I pay taxes both in Canada and the USA since I have just established residence in the USA? (iii) While there doesn't seem to be a requirement to be physically present in Canada once the citizenship application has been submitted, I'd like to validate if my understanding is accurate. Are their laws that prohibit me from moving to the USA while the citizenship application is inflight here in Canada? (iv) I'm aware that I will need to notify the CRA of my non-resident status and an "exit tax" that will need to be disbursed. Does this have any implication on the Canadian citizenship application that will be in flight? Many thanks! NK
  8. Many thanks for the note! I've been trying to get some information off older posts to see if there's a lab I can go to considering my interview is round the corner. I'll check with my family doctor to see if he can help expedite it
  9. Could you let me know where you got your test done? I'm looking to get one for myself and I can't seem to find one that tests for everything. Many thanks!
  10. Hi All, I have an impending medical assessment, and considering that I don't have my vaccination records handy, I was looking to get the Antibody Titre test to get the required vaccines administered (if I'm missing any) prior to the medical assessment. I had a few questions - (i) Is the antibody titre test covered by OHIP / Private Insurance? Are there any labs that are recommended to get the test done? (ii) In the event that I'm missing vaccinations, would the missing vaccination doses be covered by OHIP/Private Insurance? (iii) What is the expected cost for the antibody test, and missing vaccination doses in the event that they aren't covered by OHIP/Private Insurance? Many Thanks, NK
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