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  1. how much do you pay for a test? I can probably get my insurance to cover the telehealth but for the cost of buying a test, there's not much difference. But I should also look into if they'd cover me buying a test directly.
  2. the do it yourself part is a bit misleading, you still need a telehealth provider which seems more of a pain to organize all of that.
  3. your airline should have this information, some of they may also have prearranged discounts with local labs.
  4. were you always separated? Did you need a waiver?
  5. On Friday a bunch of people with cc July 2020 got interviews, was surprised to see that being May took so long for them to get through. I did see 1 or 2 2019 pop up, not totally sure on what the category was, not everyone alway posts the full details.
  6. I don't know what the current situation is, but in the part, the answer was always Juarez because it was sent from there.
  7. My guesstimate would be sometime between October-January. July seems to have been slower, before they were doing at least 2 months at a time.
  8. You're asking if you should not tell the truth, which is not allowed here, and frowned upon. You must submit evidence that you’ve taken steps to establish domicile in the United States.
  9. A few more posted for May 22, hopefully you see something soon.
  10. Someone just posted this morning. Cc Mayo 22, 2020 IR1 juntos en 🇺🇲 Cita Agosto 2, 2021!!
  11. Someone posted they got an interview date today, cc November 15th 2019
  12. Yes some of us have seen that as well, it depends on the situation. If you are together with your spouse in the US and or needed a waiver, those seem to be going slower. No idea what's going on with why 2019 is left behind.
  13. I've been checking the last 2 weeks and things seem to have slowed down, maybe it's due to summer vacations. Last I saw they were doing May for CR1/IR1 I'm worried Delta could slow things down too if it gets worse.
  14. does the petitioners passport matter at that point? isn't it just the beneficiaries they need? I'm not sure right now with the covid situation, usually it would be around 1 week, probably worth checking one of the facebook groups where people post a lot more.
  15. Yes. It mentions this on the consulate website and also others have mentioned it earlier in this thread. I don't have the link handy at this moment. Some people have both the same day if the 1st one is early enough.
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