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  1. The idea was right after USCIS approval, but that was an idea at the very beginning of the administration. They must've taken some of those things into account. Sadly I see in the facebook groups people being encouraged to lie at their interviews, or people who have, using fake addresses, some still living in Mexico and just crossing to earn dollars.
  2. They had mentioned at one point allowing the spouse to come if USCIS approved the case, this would be before going through NVC and the consulate interview. With that it would make more sense to do away with the K1.
  3. Doubt he had any involvement, there's others spearheading this. The interesting thing is Kamala specifically mentioned the K1
  4. exactly, the point is to be together, waiting together is better than waiting apart
  5. it's not the same thing. I-130 to visa doesn't include I-751 as part of the process, and people married more than 2 years by the time they get their visa don't need it. It would just benefit people for their initial filing with USCIS. Some are lucky and have had their adjudicated in 6-8 months, but many wait over a year. it's a very small benefit for all that it covers for family based visas, but when people are waiting so long, every month counts.
  6. how will it not help family based cases? the USCIS portion should be a little quicker
  7. you'll probably get more feedback in one of the facebook groups for ciudad juarez, the wait time varies since each case is unique. It's basically extra background checks, I'd expect it to be lengthly
  8. email, but generally the NVC schedules it with the consulate, they just gave out a bunch of appointments. you literally have to keep refreshing all day.
  9. See if it lets you register an appointment here. https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-mx/iv You may have to keep checking back until one becomes available, but as long as you can get to the calendar.
  10. that's unfortunate. usually you could get it before so it was ready for the interview. Check the facebook group so you can see what others have done and how long it takes.
  11. did you know about that before? was this the first interview? did they ask anything else or just bring that up? I don't understand why they have to wait until the interview to let people know about that.
  12. So the time for when they review it to when you get the interview is 2 different things. Looks like right now from what I've seen it's been taking about 3 months for them to review documents. Once you are Documentarily Qualified the wait for an interview is currently about 1.4 years. Before covid 8-12 months was average. If they ask for something more, you get sent to the back of the line, which could be up to another 3 months. I got lucky, my case only took 2 weeks and they reviewed a doc they asked for the next day.
  13. Got my interview date! March 16th CC Nov 18 2020 Looks like everyone from November is getting appointments today.
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