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  1. Congrats on moving onto next step! did you get the nvc notification via email or mail? ours got approved august 5th but we have not received anything via email or mail 😕 anxiously waiting in this endless waiting game 😣
  2. NOA2 was on august 5th still have heard nothing from NVC yet their website is saying they’re processing cases received from us is on august 22😣 submitted inquiry form online like late august… but obv they still going through julys inquiry lollll arghhh this waiting and no response I’ve had enough can’t wait to be over. Anyone has heard back with noa2 around early august?
  3. NOA2 on august 4th 2022 sent to NVC same day. Hopefully will hear back from NVC with case number this month 🤞
  4. Try to call tell tier1 officer that you never receive a call from tier2 despite receiving an email notifying they’ll be calling. Ask for a callback. I was abroad when tier2 called and never picked up. I insisted on a callback and they did callback the next day however they called while I was washing my hands and when I picked up they hung up. They then proceeded to close the file with an email saying our case was being adjudicated.
  5. Are you not able to talk to tier2 about this issue? That is unacceptable. I thought after 60 days of RFE received they allow request for update?
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