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  1. I got my extension letter today so now the waiting game begins, lol.
  2. Did it tell you what date your NOA was sent out (the Notice date on the form)? I got my text the same day as you and still haven't gotten it so just i'm just curious! That being said, I'm sure mine will show in the next few days.
  3. Got my notice that my biometrics has been waived on Monday, no extension or info about online account yet. Is it normal for them to arrive different days? Do they ship from different places or different days? I'm so paranoid because my USPS office always manage to lose my mail anytime it's something important lol.
  4. That address looks correct so that should be all good! Did they charge card/cash check etc? If yes, I wouldn't worry too much but @asmuo 's advice is really great! Doesn't hurt to reach out and check!
  5. Hi all, How many letters should I expect in the mail after my case was accepted? I assume one for biometrics (waived or not) and the 48 month extension? Seems like I'm getting a letter today outlining that my biometrics has been waived (I can see half the text via informed delivery, lol) but no extension yet so I assume i'll get that at some point this week.
  6. Sweet! Just got a text that they received my package on March 31st, no cashed check yet though but I'm guessing it will go through in the next few days then!
  7. About how long is it taking for them to cash checks? It got delivered on Friday so obviously I'm not expecting it yet, just curious!
  8. Yes, do this!! USPS lost mine when they shipped mine out so I called them probably 3 times a day and told them to please check if they envelope is in the back and they refused. The third day I called and asked again and they finally looked and guess what they found?? My green card.
  9. I didn't bother since I couldn't find any ACCO fasteners that were big enough, ended up just using binder clips which is what I did for my AOS application so should be all good! I would have done that if it was any thinner though, lol.
  10. Shipped my application last night to the IL Lockbox with UPS Ground. Should arrive Friday! Hopefully everything goes smoothly, last time I shipped with USPS and tracking didn't update so I had no idea if it arrived until they charged our CC 😅
  11. Yeah, it's not required, we decided to include it since we've shared a bank account since the start of our marriage. Helpful to see what others included, our other evidence is pretty similar to what you listed!
  12. I've read of some people doing all of them as well due to an increase in RFEs. Probably depends on who is looking at your docs. At the end of the day, I doubt it matters much if you only do quarterly or all of them, just gets more inconvenient to ship really so we might still consider only sending statements for every 3 months. We have a lot of other solid evidence so I don't think it'll be an issue.
  13. I think we're gonna do that. It fits pretty snug in the envelope so might as well not risk it!
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