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  1. The average seems to be somewhere between 12-30 days. That being said, I hope that you get lucky and that yours get processed faster but don't be concerned if it takes a little while!
  2. I wish I had proof of delivery. Still so mad that they didn't scan my package when they delivered it. Hopefully we'll both hear something next week 🙂 Please update us when you hear something!
  3. Yeah, that is very true. I've seen several people where it took up to 32 days for theirs to cash so I definitely don't think its uncommon, especially in Covid times and with everything going on with USCIS. Hopefully we are just unlucky and ours is taking a bit longer for whatever reason. If I don't see any charge or hear anything by next Friday, I'm gonna call USCIS and see what's going on I think.
  4. Sigh.... it's nice to know that I'm not the only one but I hope we hear something soon.
  5. I hope so. If not by tomorrow, by the end of next week at the very least!
  6. Got it! I'll just keep checking my bank once a day. Any more than that and I'll go insane. I know it'll happen at some point and that i'm just one of the unlucky ones that are taking a bit longer but ughh 😅
  7. Is there a specific time of day that they usually do it or is just kinda random? It seems like a lot of people get theirs cashed/charged in the morning.
  8. 21 days in total or business days? But yeah, it's still early. People who filed the same date as me only got their checks cashed this week so if I don't hear anything by next week, i'll look into it further.
  9. Ah, now i'm getting inpatient. Looks like everyones is getting charged now 😩
  10. Hi everyone, I filed my application on August 25th but have no idea what date it was delivered as my tracking number never updated to "delivered", just "Arrived at post office". I spoke with the PO Box supervisor and they could not find my package in the delivery room so she said that it was more than likely delivered without a scan, sigh. My question is, it has been almost 3 weeks since it was likely delivered and I have yet too see any charge on my card or recieved any notification from USCIS. I spoke with a live agent today and they could not find any record of my application in their system. Is it possible that they have recieved it and just did not get to processing mine yet? Would my application show up in their system even if they did not charge my card yet or is it not showing up in their system because they just haven't processed it yet? I have no idea what to do as I cannot confirm that it was delievered on either side and i'm getting nervous as I do not know how long I should wait before I get concerned as I know that it is taking a while for a lot of people to get any notification currently.
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