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  1. It being late October, and no October filers for 2018 found on the site, so I started this one. I am a USC living in Brazil and petitioning for my Brazilian wife of 30 years. It's complicated, but the basics are that I am are applying for a resident visa for my wife for the second time, the first being granted in 1989 after our marriage in Texas in 1988. We lost the visa in 2014 in part because of my ignorance of immigration rules and because of family medical situations in Brazil that prevented my wife from traveling. In 1989 the procedure was very simple. Today it's become 10x more complicated due to 9/11. Since we both live outside the USA we are using a state-side lawyer to be sure all paperwork is as correct as possible. Turns out I would have submitted my I-130 in March, but due to using a lawyer, it was only submitted in October. I hope that at least it goes through without a hitch. On one hand she already has a SSN and it was necessary to include her old Resident Visa ID# on the application. Don't know if this will delay or speed up the process. Based on Oct 2017 filers, we might be looking at a long year ahead of us. 10/05/2018 I-130 sent 10/08/2018 I-130 received Chicago Lockbox
  2. I'm sharing my personal AOS experience of trying this approach (without a lawyer). If you see my timeline, I'm in the very early stages of the AOS process. I'll provide future updates of my AOS progress. As you can read for yourself in this recent cheat sheet for immigration lawyers, two different circuit courts have found that when USCIS grants TPS it counts as an “admission” for purposes of AOS. The two cases are Flores v. USCIS, 718 F.3d 548 (6th Cir. 2013) and Ramirez v. Brown, 852 F.3d 954 (9th Cir. 2017). But you can only use this approach if you reside in the Sixth Circuit (Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee) or the Ninth Circuit (Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington (state)). Regular AOS applicants usually submit a copy of their I-94 as proof of admission, but I provided a copy of the 20 page Ramirez v. Brown decision (because I reside in the Ninth Circuit). I concurrently filed the I-130 (by my USC 21 year old son), AOS, EAD, and AP. I'll post as replies below my cover letters for each application (without personal info). Feel free to ask any questions if you are in the same situation.
  3. josie125


    This is for IR1/CR-1 and/or IR2 Ghanaian members How long is it currently taking to have an appointment scheduled for interview in Ghana? Does anyone know the latest appointment that was schedule and when was the case complete for that person?
  4. SierraTenTango

    US citizen traveling to Poland

    Hey, sorry I wasn't sure where should I put this question. So my husband is gonna visit me in Poland, it's gonna be his first time traveling to Europe. He did get himself a new passport and... Is that it? I know US citizens do not need visa's cause they can stay max 90 days but is the passport al he really needs to get through? I hope somebody can help me with this pickle
  5. Hello everyone, it has been 5 years since my last post and again I would like to thank this forum for making. My and my mom’s visa journey Faster and easier. My stepdad who was married to my mom since I was 8 finally decided to come here to the US. He will be retiring soon from work in Dubai. our question is, would it be faster/better if I (usc) would file an Ir5? Or... my mom (lpr of almost 5years—hint hint we are filing her usc citizenship next year) should file a cr1? Looking at the timeline, it seemed like it would take a minimum mov 2 years before my stepdad can get his visa process. My issue would be, if I would petition for stepdad through ir5, would this affect my later plans of petitioning my bio dad (who I also have a very good relationship with)? if my mom would petition for my stepdad as an lpr, should she even apply for a us. Citizenship when she becomes eligible? Or should she just wait for my stepdad to get here? and if she does Becomes a citizen, would that affect the timeline of petition cr1? And the pending pending petitions of my siblings via f2a? thanks in advance! jomay
  6. Please delete if this post is not allowed. Our case is at TSC, NOA1 August 1st 2017, we contacted USCIS many times, senators, congresswoman, and all we got was to be told to wait more or background check is still going on. No RFE yet. It's been over a year. Petitioner is USC, married for over 2 years (1 year at the time of NOA1). No criminal records, no huge age difference, no one was married before, beneficiary has never been to the US and has no one there but petitioner. We are too frustrated. Has anybody come across something like this before?
  7. Hi I'm a US citizen born and raised. My wife and i have been married 3 years. We moved to US last year after she got into a university here. We applied for AOS I485, I130, I765, I131, i693 etc after first semester. We sent documents in January 2018 and now August 1st received a txt saying a RFIE was sent out August 1st. We have had no other updates since the biometrics appointment but now this... Our package was huge with a tonne of evidence and the medical and joint sponsor forms ( as I havent filed taxes in the US because we lived in th UK where I am also citizen. ) We have been together for nearly 10 years and proof in pictures etc and other evidence. So we are really worried what this RFIE could be about and or what problems we could encounter given we submitted everything and more then what we had to...with help from a immigration lawyer. Service center is MSC and local office Charleston S.C Any info or experiences you could share would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you
  8. My wife was living here on a tourist then changed to student visa for four years before we met and married. Since our marriage, her visa has expired and we don't even know where to start. Please help.
  9. I am applying for green card as US citizen's spouse and i have a specific question about i-864 (affidavit of support) My situation: My husband didn't file taxes two last years, but he did have a solid well paid job (and tax form) 3 years ago (we will provide that as proof) The reason he didn't file taxes: for one year he was living with me abroad and didn't work (he had saving to sustain himself without work) He returned to US last November, started working again and his income was not high enough so he decided not to file taxes this year and instead do it next year Back then he didn't know that we gonna get married and tax forms will be needed Right now his is working (can provide pay stubs) and his income is above poverty line BUT he only started working last november. So he doesnt have a full year of pay stabs to show we are above poverty line. But his monthly income is above 5000$ a month so we are definitely making it. My situation is that i am on tourist visa and obviously not working in US So my question is: Do you think when we apply for green card, immigration office might consider his financial situation not strong enough to petition me for green card? Because he didn't work for more than a year and he only started working last November? We plan to submit our application this month. Maybe someone has similar experience?
  10. Hi. I am a US citizen , but i have never lived in the USA before. I have filed my US tax returns (up to date). I want to return to the USA but i am worried about the medical care, especially with the uncertainties whether i am going to get a job or not and that I am currently pregnant. If i return to the USA, and due to give birth there, would i be entitled for Medicaid? I am not sure just yet which state i will be heading to. Would it matter for Medicaid application if my husband, at the time of delivery, might have a job (husband is not a USC, but has legal status in the USA)?
  11. Hi VJ people, It's been a long process, but I'm finally a US citizen Now I'm curious what I should do with the marriage license. We got married in my former home country (Korea), so the marriage license is in Korean with my own translation. I've been wondering if I should register marriage here as well because if something happens that we need to obtain a new copy or something that my wife needs to provide the marriage certificate. I don't know if any of you have experience/information on this. But since I'm no longer a Korean citizen I'm afraid 1) it might get harder for me to get the certificate or 2) somehow compromise the validity of the certificate. All the time I've been here as LPR, I never had to provide our marriage certificate to anyone other than USCIS, so I'm not sure if this will be even necessary. So I'm wondering... - What are other occasions that we might need the marriage certificate? Have you had any trouble using the certificate from abroad? I'm reading like a legal name change or mortgage application would require them, but anything else like life insurance claims, etc.? - Can the court give you a marriage license based on your foreign certificate? As it, they would give you the same date and location, etc. Or do I need to get one as if it's a new one? - Any other thoughts on the matter from whoever had any issue with these. Thanks!
  12. 125 days and still waiting.. share your case here november filers from tsc! Have a great day everyone! ☺️
  13. I filed I-130 for my spouse in Mar 2017 as an LPR. I turned USC in Nov 2017, and my application was upgraded to spouse of USC from spouse of LPR on Dec 6, 2017. The application is pending at CSC. Based on forums, the I-130 for spouse of USC is getting approved with May 2017 priority dates, but my application is not yet approved. I went to an infopass appt last week, and they told me that my application was "touched" on Dec 13, and they dont know what happened with that touch. They were unable to provide any other info, and asked me to just wait. Can someone please advise what can I do to expedite this in any way given other applications with the same category are getting approved.
  14. Hello dear VJ members, I will make a brief introduction to my current situation and then will have two questions that I'm really hoping to get some answers to. My current status is LRP I received my Green Card recently and have Ir1 VISA. We had to get a co-sponsor (my sister in-law) because my husband didn't meet all the financial requirements. I've been living in the Us for more then three months now. Me and my husband recently moved from his parent's house to our own apartment. He is the only one who's working at the moment. 1. My husband is thinking about applying for food stamps, that will help us big time with groceries. He is USC. My question is - Can he apply for food stamps if we are in the same household and I know as an LRP, I'm not eligible for SNAP. He will most likely have to put me in the papers as a household member. would that be okay? Last thing we want is to have problems with my sister in law. We don't want her in any way to have to pay anything back to the government or anything like that. 2. As I've already mentioned, We moved out about three weeks ago from my in laws house, should I go ahead and change an address on USCIS. Our lease will end in about a year and it is not by any means our permanent residency place, we still can receive emails to my in laws address. Question - Should I still go ahead and change my address?
  15. Hello, i am an F1 student and i have been legally in the US since 2014. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for over 3 years now and we have decided to get married. We are planning to get married next month. School tuition has become a little too high for my family now to help me pay for it, especially since once of my parents lost their job last year. Since we're starting a new life i would rather use that money to help settle down together. My question is whether it would be an issue if we got married and i withdrew from school before the required deadline. Would the school possibly create an issue for me between the time we got married and the time we filed for AOS? Would my withdrawal have any repercussion on our application for AOS? Thanks in advance, this issue has been worrying us a lot.
  16. Hello Visa Journey community I am seeking some much needed advice please. Firstly here is the background timeline to my issue. Entered from the Republic of Ireland on a H2B sponsored visa. I entered the US on a H2B visa in October 2016 for work. It was initially valid until May 2017. During the above time period i met a girl, a US Citizen, fell in love and proposed to get married so we could start a life together. Before my visa expired I was granted a visa extension by a new employer and moved state to continue working.My extension ran until October 2017. During this time myself and my fiance had set a wedding date for April 2018. We know of the adjustment of status i need to file alongside the EAD work permit so i can stay here and work after we get married. Before it expired i was granted another visa extension and continued working in the US . This was valid from October 2017 until June 2018 As of today January 12th my employer discharged me from my current job and effectively terminated my H2B visa. Meaning i am currently out of status. As my employer is my sponsor they are obligated to buy me a flight home to Ireland. I am scheduled to leave in 3 days. There is a bigger issue at play here also due to being discharged from my job because my H2B rights have been violated and when i inquired about certain contract agreements i was just let go, one day before the 90 day probation ended but thats for another thread. My employer owes all the current H2B workers money for unpaid hours which were supposed to be paid to us today. Obviously i do not want to take the flight and just leave my fiance. I want to stay here and continue our lives together. I arrived with the aid of a agency who initially got me the job and they have advised me to leave the country on the flight and come back on a holiday visa and get married. They have assured me this is ok and i will be fine to get married on the tourist visa but i am sure it is illegal to travel here with the intent of getting married. My Agency want me to write to my employer and inform them if i will get on the flight or not before the proceed and book it. I dont believe this will provide any advantage to me unless i get on the flight. Should they just not book the ticket anyways and leave it up to me to board the plane or not. I feel they are trying there best to rush me out of the country because they have broken so many laws. I know i cannot work now until i am back in status and it is going to be very difficult to remain in the US with no work or income but here are my questions. Should we just get married immediately and then file for the correct forms to apply for the green card and EAD permit? Is it ok to get married out of status? Should i write my employer informing them of my decision ? They owe money and i feel if i tell them i am not leaving they will withhold it longer. Will it matter in the long run that i refused to leave the country? If i do stay and get married and file the paperwork how much will being out of status and out of work matter ? Thank You all in advance
  17. Hi. I am a 19 y.o who was born in USA. I have lived in Pakistan with my parents and siblings almost my entire life. Now I would like to move to USA with my parents and siblings. I know I can petition for my parents (i-130) but I am not sure what would happen for my siblings. My siblings are 16, 14, and 12 years old. Would they be automatically covered under my parents petition because they are all minors?!
  18. I am an US Citizen, and I will be travelling to US with my wife who is on a visitor visa. At the port of entry, we would like to go together to the immigration officer. Is that possible - as I am supposed to go to the US Citizen line, and she is supposed to go to the Visitors line. Please advise.
  19. Hello, In September 2015 I filled an I-130 for my spouse. It was approved by February 2016. Now I'm becoming a US Citizen. My spouse is in the US living with me (Out of Status). I was reading about sending the upgrade petition to the NVC but I was also noticing some websites that says that I can upgrade my petition with the I-485 package. My question is, should I send a letter + proof of naturalization to the NVC or should I add the cover letter + naturalization certificate with the I-485 package after my oath since it was already approved? Thanks