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  1. Ukratko da opisem nase isustvo, mozda ce nekome biti od pomoci. Aplicirali online za I-130 Sep/09/2020 odobreno pocetkom marta 2021 - NVC poslao email polovinom marta 2021 u aprilu smo upload sve od dokumenata sto se trazilo u maju su odbili vencani list (jel smo upload international verziju) i PCC iz Engleske je bio istekao pa su trazili novi 28 maja upload novi PCC iz Engleske, i Vencani list na srpskom uz certified translation Documentarily Qualified 20 jula 2021 26 jula 2021 dobili email da je zakazan intervju i intervju obavljen 18 avgusta viedeli status da se IR1 viza stampa istog dana te odmah kupili karte za put i dva dana kasnije preuzet pasos u DHL poslovnici. Sleteli u Ameriku pocetkom septembra, sa layover preko Nemacke jer je direktan let Belgrade- New York bio rasprodat sve do polovine oktobra i nismo hteli previse da cekamo.
  2. Great, Thank you for responding so quickly!
  3. Hey everyone, I cannot see a more recent thread that discusses IR1 visa experiences and travel through Schengen. Our trip will originate in Serbia, Belgrade and while there was a possibility to take direct flight to NYC - we could not find free seats until October that did not cost arm and a leg. So we (myself on IR1 visa and my husband USC) will be travelling straight to Virginia - IAD with a layover in Germany. All my research says that as US Citizen + spouse and with a copy of marriage cert, we should have no problem making our connection. Am I missing something?
  4. pozdrav svima, ima li jos ko da ceka za intervju za IR1 / CR1 Mi smo u NVC koraku, ali izgleda da cekanje za Beograd ide i do 6 meseci.
  5. Heads up, I just logged into NVC and my IV fee shows as paid and I can start that application finally. Think you should check your as well. Chances are yours also shows as paid!
  6. Great, thx for sharing. I did go this morning to get Police Cert, it will be ready for pickup in 3 days, and I still need to send it out for translation, looking at rush services like 1hr or so. Was really hoping to line up all docs and click Submit before Friday March 26th. And I am not happy with NVC timelines, they are still in dec 2020. This is gonna be another long year. 😨
  7. same here, paid both fees with like 24hr difference, AOS shows as paid, IV is still processing, and CEAC status is action required - complete DS-260, which I cant click on yet. I will give it a week, but this is IT issue so gonna look how to contact NVC /IT people to resolve this.
  8. Oh I hear you..fingers crossed it does not take long from here. This is not our 1st rodeo with USCIS or NVC, for that matter. We had follow-to-join petition done and dusted awhile ago, even scheduled IV interview at the Embassy for march 2020 that was cancelled due to Covid, and later learned from the Embassy that we needed to start from scratch and apply for I-130 since husband naturalized. So here we are again paying NVC fees AOS is ready and all financial and civil docs, except for the police cert, but I am hopeful. Just waiting for fees to be processed and once docs are uploaded, it will be another waiting game. NVC person looking at docs will be like "oh, its you again" or at least Embassy will for sure. They still have the old case sitting somewhere. By the way, our Embassy held consular Q&A online a month ago, and interest was high for mostly visitor visas, there was one caller whose child was DQ-ed @ NVC back in Sep 2020 and they still did not have an interview scheduled. That gave me pause for a day or two. It is probably due to the fact that all files get in the same queue so it cannot be distinguished if it is a IR1 IR2 or EB3 or E2, I mean this can get dicey. So, back to my original comment, baby steps And good luck to us all here.
  9. Thank you, It's baby steps, but I'll take that
  10. update received NVC case creation e-mail earlier today, case created (March 16th) In the meantime, getting that police certificate is going to be a challenge, we are in a week long lockdown (for now) with only grocery stores and pharmacies open.
  11. No notification from NVC yet, only from USCIS - post-decision activity that case was sent out on March 5, I plan to wait until NVC cross over my date, but it may have to do with how Vermont sends these out. Hope to get NVC e-mail any day now, will def call on Monday to scream cry about it... This whole process is draining, always something...
  12. I-130 approved - March 2nd USCIS sent to Dep of State - March 5th still a bit of wait left for the NVC step to continue - perhaps another week or so for case creation
  13. Nope, Receipt Notice came out of Texas, while online status checks said it was sitting in Nebraska. We did not get any notice what-so-ever about the transfer to Vermont. Hubby did take a day off today to inquire with USCIS, and the e-mail literally came in 1hr before he was getting ready to call.
  14. Also in waiting mode - PD 09/09/2020 Texas but online says Nebraska. Inquired via e-mail back in Nov 2020 but got a copy/paste generic reply. Husband plans to take day off one day this week and - plans to call, hopefully he will get a more definitive response as to where exactly the case is pending. Online status check has one and the same message "case has been received ...."
  15. That's fantastic, talk about luck of the Irish 😄 Here we were despairing, cause we got Texas and online says Nebraska, but who knows...it can always be so much worse.... Happy for you!
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