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  1. Hi Ashtim,

    I saw you in below post and it gave me some confidence that I can get the vehicle into US from Canada.


    Hope you are doing well..

    I am trying to import my Santafe into US from Canada and I received attached letter from Hyundai Canada today.QQ:Did you clear import? If yes I have question. May be you can help me.

    The standard letter which Hyundai gives does that work? or we will need to request different letter in mail on their letter head? and we carry that to Border.


    Thanks for a read.





  2. Thanks for such a detailed answer !!!! Really appreciate your help !
  3. Hi vir , I am in similar situation . I have to renunciate my Indian citizenship as I have my Canadian passport now . With green card here . Do I have to do it with vfs ??? And do the consulate check it with Canadian govt or the documents from my side are enough ( my copy of Canadian passport and my usa residential proof ) . ?? Or this will be an issue and I have to go in Canada and apply through bls? My status rite now is green card holder .. got passport in usa from Canada . Currently no address in Canada no contacts
  4. Sorry for not posting in the right group . But need help if anyone can guide me to the group or guide me in the process . Moved to USA in feb from Canada . My Canadian citizenship file was in process and recently got notified I m scheduled for oath ceremony. Would I still be able to enter Canada as permanent resident ? Or the permanent resident status gets void once you are states green card holder . ?
  5. How long you can stay out of usa after getting your IR/CR-1 entry ( activated ) stamp . ? I think it’s 6 months, one can stay . after that you loose your status as a green card or permanent resident in usa ? Please advise
  6. If anyone from Canada enters usa and Activate their visa . And then travel abroad . Can they enter Canada afterwards being a PR ( all PR requirements are full filled and citizenship is in process ) for moving the belongings later .
  7. Do the w-2s have to be original ? Or copies are good for interview people . From spouse or joint sponsor
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