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  1. Congratulations! We also were approved yesterday, but we had interview. I've seen marriage based cases being approved without interview before, recently, so I'm sure that's the case with you too. That's great!🙂👏
  2. Yes, got it, thank you! It's nice to know we can file online!
  3. I have a question. How does Turbo Tax or IRS know if the presence requirement has been met? We're filing taxes together soon through Turbo Tax online, my husband doesn't have his green card yet but has SSN since February last year when he arrived on a K1 and has worked since November. I couldn't figure out the physical presence requirement much cause it mentions three years or idk, but I assume he should be counted as a resident alien, so wouldn't have to file by paper with the separate statement, but I didn't see a question on Turbo Tax asking about this, so how do they check? Thanks!
  4. Yeah, I know I'm not waiting alone, and it's not unusual but most offices do process this year filings compared to few very slow, and most people not scheduled share the same office or state. Of course I wasn't counting them either, but have seen many getting their notices from other states and can kind of get a clue. Processing times on official website have never been accurate. They're usually faster than what it says. There are always exceptions of course, and also depending on the type of case you've got and the basis of adjustment.
  5. Yes I'm aware of Seattle. I believe that and Houston TX are the only ones slower than Utah with about 2 years wait. So far Utah is about a year. Currently processing November/ December 2020. It used to be 10 months until recently then went up to a year plus 😔
  6. Where's your interview? Hopefully it won't be, I didn't see anyone's being cancelled yet, didn't close even with the more dangerous strains, there's no reason to close now. I mean apart from the beginning of the pandemic.
  7. I'm sorry you're going through this. It's hard to imagine someone would date for so long just so he can get a tourist visa for a place he might not have been compeled to seeing prior to your relationship, which you can tell by the way he taks about the country and wanting to go back and not living here. If he says he doesn't wanna live here he won't wanna bother with the IR1 visa anyway, but if he loves you he would ask you to go live there and it doesn't have to end this way. My husband is Indian too, and he was somewhat hesitant at first about life here but adjusted very quickly, and he can always find Indian stores and buy the authentic ingredients and we can cook Indian food at home, if food is an issue. Maybe it's just a phase he's going through and can't relate to this country at the moment, but not everyone belongs to this country and can separate from their own, so if that's the case considering living in his country might be an option. Why break up the marriage so suddenly? But you know better and hope you can resolve it soon. I'm really sorry about the heart break you're going through.
  8. Looks like everyone who filed in March in other states has gotten an interview notice, just SLC and few others are stuck in 2020 still.
  9. Or when you take it off on the plane to eat or drink, cramped in a row of tiny seats. But what was more interesting back in the day before the vaccines, is that airlines would still ask to socially distance when walking in the aisles, cause the moment you get up and start moving covid attacks faster 😄
  10. Should be at the medical exam. Check on the vaccination record at the bottom which option is marked. Should be the blanket waiver one and that's all that's needed usually.
  11. I'm just thinking. Maybe she said that in a different way? Like, 'oh you don't want me to go back abroad, and have a job, I don't have any income now, or what, you gonna support me financially?' Something like that maybe? If you could hear the tone in which she said this you would have better idea but it was a text I guess, so it's difficult to understand. It does seem weird that she would say such thing after so long and especially since she did work and is willing to go back to work, so she's not some parasite depending on other people's money. You should talk to her and ask what exactly does she mean.
  12. Me too. That's what I liked the most about him. He was even funny. I hate when someone's being too political.
  13. Glad there are still influential people like this in this country. Seemed like slowly everyone started losing their minds over the vaccine, when you tell them you simply don't want it they fire at you 🙄 There's still hope.
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