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  1. My fiancee phoned me at 1am UK time last night. I was at first pretty dazed and confused at being woken up, this made its way into mild panic that something bad must have happened. Turns out she had got home from work to find our NOA2 waiting for her! We've both been having a bit of a rough time at our respective jobs recently and this good news has really lifted us. I couldn't get back to sleep until after 2am. I'm tired today, but I've got a big smile on my face! Elise is visiting the UK over New Year, so hopefully NVC processing will happen before/during her visit and we'll have another milestone to celebrate!
  2. Absolutely fellow late-Auguster. The processing date seem to have started ticking up a bit more slowly in the last couple of weeks!
  3. Are you able to get a second passport? I know the UK government lets you get a second passport if your first is being used to obtain a visa and you still need to travel for work, you just need a signed letter from your employers. Appreciate this may not be the case with the Danish government but it could be worth looking in to
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