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  1. I sent my gf in Davao City to get a depo shot, two refused to give it to her. One doctor told her it would make her sterile. I can see silliness like this in the province, but at SLEC you would think they would have better trained doctors
  2. When did the rule start? I am sorry I don't get this one, It's absurd.........
  3. This is insane. Right now USCIS is taking in paperwork for people who came her illegally to get work authorization cards. A guy who works for me they just filed DACA for one of his 17 year old brother last week. While the people who did everything legally get stabbed in the back, it's really not fair at all.
  4. Austin has become a liberal wasteland from what I have seen.
  5. Texas you could find a nice starter house for 120K just about 10 years ago, now of days I would say that price is double, but the offest is interest rates are silly low. I am not familiar with San Antonio real estate, I think only Austin has gotten out of control on houses, and that is mostly due to all the people moving out of California and relocating to Austin area. Me I live in Frisco, I live in about $500K house here, but I only paid $290K for it back in 2009 during the recession. House in my city are little higher than state average due to my location
  6. My nephew moved right outside Davao City a few years ago. I just talked to him, he said Davao CIty suxs now of days. Heavy traffic, law enforcement writing tickets right and left for any kind of violation they can to make money. Curfews and lockdowns everywhere His American buddy who lives inside Davao City, is having a hard time finding red meat. I made my first trip to Davao in 2007 and really loved the city, now of days I don't think I would want to go back.
  7. Wrong person, I am in Texas some of the cheapest houses in the USA. Hawaii is retarded on house prices, been that way for ever.
  8. You would think once Philippines open back up for tourism and gets rid of all the quarantines for travelers and curfews and lockdowns, the price of land should be some good bargins out there. It seems as if the politicians have done there very best to kill the Philippines economy.
  9. Yes, House have sky rocketed in the last decade in USA. Interest rate is less than 2% on a 15 year note, and low 2% on a 30 year note which is almost like free money.
  10. I wouldn't set up any type of bank account in the Philippines. Seems like a hassle, always see people waiting in lines to do bank transactions. I am sure corruption runs deep in the banking industry in the Philippines. PDIC only insures like up to 500K Pesos or $10,000 USD. Seems like a bad deal to me
  11. I'am in Texas, pretty much everything is back to normal, most stores require a mask. We have had 3 million cases of COVID and like 40,000 death. It's better than living in the Philippines with all the silly curfews, lockdowns, and people not allowed to leave their homes.
  12. It's the same way in Davao City. You get pulled over by the traffic enforcers or their slang name of Crocodiles. You just basically say, I am sorry, I am new to the city and slip some peso, it usually 200 peso and you don't get a ticket. Corruption and poverty is sytemtic all over Philippines.
  13. Agreed That is the reason I would never move there, it just plain boring after a while. I enjoy fishing and traveling, going to concerts and seeing bands, and traveling. I enjoy living in a clean city, where I have walking trails, nice restaurant and lots of entertainment, nothing like that exists maybe in Manila area. Many years ago I was like you I couldn't stand Manila, I have actually grown fond of it due to all the entertainment and restaurant and things to do, but there is no way I could live there. Great place to visit, but no a long term destination for me.
  14. The main issue in Philippines on having a business is the margins are so slim on everything, it crazy in my opinion. I have owned a few businesses in the USA in different areas, and I have looked into business in the Philippines, it just worth my time or investment to deal with them over there due to the low margins they find acceptable in the Philippines.
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