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  1. Oh damn, screwed up there too. Bought AC the second trip.....but for me as it was too damn hot to sleep 😂
  2. I waited until the 21st trip to buy MIL a house and fix it up 😂
  3. She was way more pissed about the next flight being cancelled at 10pm and having to sleep on a cot at DFW. Welcome to America 😀
  4. My wife was 7.5 months pregnant when we left Philippines. American airlines was fine with it. Had a harder time going from Manila to Hong Kong as Cebu Pacific refused her without doctor note within 48 hours. Had to buy same day one way tickets on Cathay Pacific to get to Hong Kong. She did fine on the 15 hour Hong Kong to Dallas flight.
  5. Same I-130 process as your wife. Faster if you file as step parent. If your wife was never married then doesn't matter if father is on birth certificate in Philippines the unwed mother has sole custody by law. Good luck
  6. My In-Laws are in Cavite (Trece Martires). They sent some interesting pictures. No really issues so far. Wife calls them every few hours.
  7. You would get better responses in the Philippines forum as it's country specific question.
  8. jskibo

    Have a issue...

    Guess I'll ask the missing question. What were you doing trolling escort pages? I can't remember ever "stumbling" on escort pages... But still, run fast, you obviously have doubt when you started stumbling around the pages. Good luck
  9. Sure that works, but best to start your own thread with questions than tacking it to an 18 month old one from someone else good luck
  10. Quite a few just north in NKY area as well. Anyone get to Cincinnati area let us know....
  11. We filed that plus bank statements (quarterly) and beneficiary evidence for insurance and retirement accounts. Approved over a year ago no RFE
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