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  1. Buy an RT from PI for her if you're worried about cheaper. Just put the return leg out a year in case she wants to use it to visit. The way you're planning will cause the airline to cancel the return leg as the outbound would not be flown
  2. Non regional forums are English only and you don't need to post the same thing in three forums
  3. Non regional forums are English only and you don't need to post the same thing in three forums
  4. Wasn't there something about if you owe the IRS and are not current on a payment plan they can halt the process? Thought I remember something to that effect, but I'm old and could be failing memory.
  5. Only issue I could see is if her outbound flight connects through the US
  6. OP, My wife came here 5 years ago with 2 years of nursing school complete, however none of it transferred and she will be starting from square one. If you're going to school now, or were, you'll have to get your transcript evaluated to see if any transfers. She's been working retail for the last two years, doesn't have to as I cover everything and there's certainly plenty after that, but she enjoys doing something and feels better if money she sends to Mom comes from her. However she started at $12.50 an hour and now makes......$12.50 an hour. That's just above the poverty level your fiance would have to make to sponsor you. But after taxes she makes about enough to afford a car payment, gas and insurance if she was on her own. Probably not enough for rent, utilities or anything else much beyond that, much less healthcare. Unless you have some special skills you haven't mentioned, plan on making that or less as a new immigrant Not sure how you would pay for school or your surgery with that kind of income. Good luck, but honestly slow down and plan much better. With a boyfriend with no job and in school, you won't be immigrating anytime soon and your savings means nothing in this process , its your sponsors income that counts.
  7. Interesting. Most plans cut off kids at 26 or married whichever comes first. Not sure how she adds an unrelated adult to her plan unless she's just buying her a policy separate.
  8. Have you thought about health insurance? I'm guessing your mom won't be providing coverage for your partner.
  9. We sent one month statement from each bank account, IRA, investment and credit card accounts. No RFE.
  10. Odd that she'd want to go to school here. I was paying for my wife's nursing degree in PI before she came here. It was less than $600 a semester at Cavite State. Don't imagine she can pay for books for $600 a semester in the US.
  11. Folks there's some specific Philippines requirements here so your advice is incorrect. Also this would be for marrying in the PI I assume, so the IO has nothing to do with it, its a Philippines requirement for a license Up to 21 needs parental consent, 21-25 needs parental advice letter. Good luck!
  12. You cannot get a Saudi police clearance without physically being in the country. Saudi does not issue tourist visas to go get a police clearance so it physically impossible and the embassy knows this.
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