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  1. Thank you everyone for your help. California service center has already received my RFE response on June 19 and has begun working on our case again. :)

  2. Yes I did date our letters of intent to marry. Thank you everyone for your input, and I will only send the examples they listed. For the evidence of financial support I will be sending my tax transcripts for the last two years and 6 of the most recent paystubs. Again, thank you for everyone's input.
  3. Favored13 yes that helps me out tremendously! Thank you so much! And you are right, I thought I had submitted enough because I gave everything that RapidVisa asked for, but now I see, I could've sent a lot more items. I hope your Embassy opens up soon
  4. Payxibka, I think I will submit both our intents to marry again, but with more details as you stated to show our ongoing conversations about our plans. Rapid Visa's letter for each of us was very lacking, now that I look at it.
  5. Both of us submitted our own statement to Rapid Visa who in turn put our packet together. I went by their requests, plenty of pictures, each labeled, my boarding passes, our stamped passports. No messages between the two of us because we were told to submit at the interview. I also wrote an entire detailed story how we met, his sister and brother in law live here in Houston for 6 years. I met Ali through his sister, who I have been friends with for over two years due to both our daughters being best friends. The only detail I wrote in our story was that we would be getting married in Houston, Texas at the courthouse. I included details in my original story also about the proposal, but I did not give details on when we decided to be in a committed relationship or get engaged. Now I see where that information would be helpful. I have the messages where he informed me the morning he went ring shopping and was bringing his mother with him who picked out my engagement ring. The financial support is what I am not clear on what I need to send.
  6. My intent statement provided by RapidVisa had the following content: Dear Sir of Madam: I, (my fiancé's full name), do hereby state that I am legally able and willing to marry Ailene (my full name), and intend to do so within 90 days of my arrival into the United States using the K-1 visa. Yours truly. ***This was provided by Rapid Visa that myself and my fiancé signed, and had our name and home address on the opening of the letter and dated.
  7. Hi all! I am the petitioner and I received an RFE requesting evidence of our intent to marry and they list several examples. USCIS did confirm in the RFE letter that they received both our signed letters regarding our intent to marry. They list several examples I can send, conversations with us discussing wedding plans and the future which I do have. I used RapidVisa and was told to not send chat logs with my initial packet so I didn't. We are doing a courthouse wedding since his family from Iraq will not be able to attend, and then the next day a wedding reception party at an Airbnb in downtown Houston. I also want to include a signed letter from my mother and also from his parents saying they are aware and support the wedding, and I also have messages from his mother. My question is they also listed "evidence of financial support" which I assume is proof of earnings from me, correct? I know this is normally requested at the NVC stage, and I make above the requested amount so not worried about that. Should I send at least my last two W2's showing what I earned? And with everything listed above, I think I am good with the evidence. Thank you guys!
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