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  1. No, my case wasn't expedited. 4-5 months seems to be the normal waiting time for CR1/IR1 interviews for Turkish citizens. I am sure YesilKart has a section for K1 applicants as well, although there seem to be a lot of K1 visas going through Ankara here on visajourney that update their timelines. You should know however that your fiancé's case may take longer to get an interview since she is not a citizen, and Ankara does prioritize citizens. Although, since K1 visa applicants schedule their own interviews, maybe you won't have this problem! I would say go for it and try to transfer the case, especially if your fiance is already a resident in Turkey.
  2. Hi everyone, Thought I would breathe some new life into this thread since it's so hard to find updates about what's happening at the embassy in Ankara! My husband and I just received the letter for his interview appointment in Ankara on July 19th. We were DQ'ed on March 16th, so it seems like Ankara is taking 4 months to schedule interviews - at least for CR1/IR1 visas. This is consistent with what I have seen on YesilKart Forum, which is basically the Turkish version of this website. Hope this update helps anyone who's spent hours trying to find out any news coming out of Ankara like I did!
  3. Thanks everyone! My question was not whether the two are related, since I know they are not, but rather if travelling to other countries before the visa interview will cause delays due to them having to conduct travel history checks. But it seems this is not the case unless the travel is to certain countries. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Apologies if this is posted in the wrong forum! I am a USC petitioning for a CR-1 visa for my husband, who is a Turkish citizen and living in Turkey. His brother living in Germany just had a baby and my husband really wants to visit him before he leaves Turkey (they haven't seen each other for 5 years). Does anyone have experience with getting a tourist visa for the Schengen area while waiting for their CR-1/IR-1 interview? It's looking like his interview will be sometime in late August/September, and I'm afraid if we wait to go to Germany until after his interview, we won't have time since I have to be back in the US by mid-September for work. Any thoughts or experiences on applying for tourist visas to other countries prior to the interview for the US visa? My main concern is that the additional travel history would cause delays in issuing the visa. Thanks!
  5. My husband and I submitted our docs on March 2nd, and we just got the DQ email this morning (March 16th)!! I think NVC is working even faster than posted. It took only 10 business days and 2 weeks for us to get DQ'ed. Good luck to everyone
  6. Congrats on the DQ! And thanks for all your help too! There don't seem to be too many CR-1/IR-1 Turkey filers on here and I want to get everything right the first time around so we don't have to wait even longer than we already have been
  7. When my husband downloaded his from e-devlet, he selected "kisi"under the dropdown menu for "nufus kayit orengi tipi" and then "hayir" for "eski es lisetle" since he's never been married before. Try selecting kisi instead and it should give you the right document. And then for the last drop down menu "belgenin neden verilecegi" he selected whichever option means you're getting the birth certificate for individual use (I don't have it in front of me and can't remember the options off the top of my head).
  8. @SBHbb67 this is excellent, thank you so much for explaining it so clearly! We were confused because the birth certificate he obtained in-person looks different from the document he can download from e-devlet. Hopefully this will help @DijonMustard too!
  9. @DijonMustard did you have any luck with finding the vukuatli nufus kayit ornegi? My husband is also Turkish and he can download his "nufus kayit ornegi" from e-devlet, but it doesn't have "vukuatli" in the title. Do you know how to obtain a "vukuatli nufus kayit ornegi" if such a document exists? Is it the same as the one that you can download from e-devlet? Tagging @SBHbb67 also in case they have any input! Thanks both!
  10. I (U.S. citizen) married my Turkish husband in Turkey. The process is very easy for Americans to get married there (I'm not sure about Iranians). All you need is an affidavit of eligibility to marry from one of the consulates (the consulate depends on where in Turkey you decide to marry), translated birth certificate and passport, and passport photos. I have read that if two non-Turkish people get married in Turkey, they will need to submit some sort of letter from wherever they are staying basically stating that they are, indeed, staying there for a short period of time. As others stated, you will need to have at least two witnesses at the ceremony, and it will be much easier for you if they speak Turkish, as you will need to demonstrate that you can understand what the marriage officer is saying to you. There are loads of beautiful places to get married in Turkey!
  11. Thank you, both! I will definitely contact some landlords ahead of time and explain the situation, I just am not optimistic given that I myself have had trouble finding a place without physically being in town. The other threads you linked suggested adding him onto the lease later, which I did not even think about!
  12. Hello everyone, I am new to this community, so I hope this is the right place to post this question. I am a USC petitioning to bring over my husband, who is from Turkey. I have been living with him in Turkey since this summer, when my previous rental agreement ended and I was free to move. Prior to that I was going back for short visits periodically since I work remotely and was able to do so. However, I am expecting our I-130 petition to be approved by the end of the year, so I am starting to think about coming back to the US early next year once it is approved so I can find us housing. My question is, does anyone have experience with getting their spouse onto a lease before they come to the US? I am worried that it will be difficult to rent a place with his name on the lease before he comes to the US since he won't have a SSN, visa, etc at the point. However, I need to find us housing before he comes. Staying with my family once he arrives in the US while we find a place isn't an option, since they live in AZ, and I need to return to OR to finish my graduate studies. I'd really love to be able to find us housing in Oregon (where we will be living) before he comes here, so we don't have to live in a hotel while searching for places. In my experience, landlords in the town I live in won't rent out a place to you unless you are able to view it in person, which is why it will be hard to find a place while I'm still in Turkey or if we are staying with my family. Any advice from others who have tried securing housing before their spouse has arrived would be greatly appreciated!
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