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  1. My bad! I said USICS because I still have to take fingerprints which comes before medical examination. Thank you for the info anyway. It's better for me that I can translate it.
  2. Hello everyone, I am doing AOS and I will have to take the medical examination as soon as the USICS offices are open again. Now, I have a problem with the vaccination record. I have not had the chance to have it translated from original language to English because just when I was about to, Covid 19 hit Europe and the office where I could ask for a certified translation and a duty stamp, closed. My question is, can I translate it on my own and hand it at the examination ? Is there a chance that the doctor could accept it? I have done all the vaccines USICS ask so I would like to avoid to lose other time and money to do the same vaccines again. Thank you, Lilly
  3. So, my situation was the following. After he proposed, we decided to get married in France. We both loved my country for the wedding and also, at that time, there was not the option to get married in US with the intent of overstaying or, like I said, the K-1 Visa because we did not know what our plans were. After the wedding I kept traveling back and fort to US from France with an ESTA for some time, still because we had no plans at sight. There were chances of him moving to France. But eventually after my last visit in December, we discussed and chose to ask for AoS. And had no idea, before the consult with the lawyer, I would not work until EAD. But I decided to follow this path anyway. ???
  4. I am glad you managed to obtain it and keep going on your way. Obviously, my case is not comparable to yours. I am just living on my husband's incomes, health insurance and I also have to face living without incomes for next 6 months, at least. Not an extreme situation, but not a happy one either. LA is very expansive. But what worries me most is the long stop in my career I have to face. So that's why I'd give it a try since it does not affect other applicants' process, I guess.
  5. Yes, I am sorry. I just realized I miswrote my Visa status. I entered the US with VWP and not K-1. Does it make noticeable differences to have K-1 or VWP when asking for EAD expedite?
  6. We got married in my country, France and yes, I was VWP eligible. But like I said, before, but even right after he proposed to me, our plans were not clear yet. There were chances that he would move to France and not me to US. That's why we did not ask for K-1 Visa.
  7. @carmel34 Thank you! I get your point. Indeed we collected and sent many documents proving my husband's financial means that are supporting my expanses during AoS. But he does not have such high salary at the same time to say we are totally happy. Now I really rely on him and have no personal incomes and there is also the career factor that someone in this forum has claimed to use when writing a cover letter. Like you said, since it does not affect any other steps of AoS, I'd give it a try.
  8. That is very kind of you! My case is different from yours, since I have not a job unlike you , who had one when you asked for EAD. I have no clue, though, if it is a pro or con to me. I have bills, phone, public transfer and health insurance to pay I can rely only on my husband now. hope they can consider that. Anyway, do you have a mail address/contact to send the request to or should I call 1-800-375-5283, which is the number reported on USCIS website, in any case?
  9. Does anyone know if a job offer, a statement of the company and the absence of personal financial incomes(so relying only on my husband), could be considered compelling proofs for Severe Financial Loss?
  10. I found this on USCIS website: "You can generally request expedited processing by contacting the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283 (TTY for the deaf, hard of hearing, or those having a speech disability: 1-800-767-1833) after you have obtained a receipt notice. The USCIS Contact Center will not be able to refer the expedite request to the appropriate office without a receipt number. When you call to request expedited processing, the USCIS Contact Center creates and forwards a service request to the office with jurisdiction over your application or petition." So I think I could apply after NOA1
  11. Thank you, MayceMir. Any example that could help me are more than welcome! I just thought I could apply after NOA1...I must have misunderstood what I've read on many topics.
  12. Can someone help me getting info with EAD expedite? I would like to know what are to prerequisites to consider when proving Severe Financial Loss. Before moving to US I already had not worked for couple months. Then I moved and during the time to apply for AoS from K-1, I have not worked as well. Now, I have received two job offers from two big companies. Since I am supposed to receive NOA1 in very few days, I want to ask for expedited EAD. Could be my case(not working for many months) and the job offers received, valid reasons to prove Severe Financial Loss to a person? I am not considering it for a company since they are very big company and would be meaningless proving that they are facing loss without me. Also, what is the average processing time for EAD expedite? I get a little sad to thing I can not work still for lots of months and that the company has to go ahead and give the position to others if EAD can not be expedited....:( Thank you to everyone!.
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