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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I have been working with reduced hours at a seasonal job. Just got news about my last day at work due to Covid-19 and its impact on the budget of the company. My last day will be in two weeks. I know that I asked this question before but now that it's actually happening, I am panic if there will be any possible impact on removing of condition on my GC sure to applying for unemployment insurance. I know that one condition of going on unemployment insurance would be actively looking for a job and meeting up at social security office to report on job searching . However, these days due to the city's locked down, those are not practical possibilities. I might be able to take an online training or applying for home based jobs but those, I believe, would be the extend of the effort during this time and since all these would only be possible on the internet, do I have to stay in US or I could take a trip to Canada to stay with my kids in this crisis and be a support to them while taking a trading online and ect online, perhaps for the next three to four months? Any feedback and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 🙏🙏
  2. Dear members, Im a conditional Green Card holder ( GC expires in November 2020 ) and I have been outside America for now 10 months and 2 weeks. Im gonna be flying back to America next week ( 10 months and 3 weeks ) after my last departure. the reason: Im taking care of my parents overseas ( my father has a heart disease, had 2 strokes on the last 8 months, had to be hospitalized 3 times. my mother is 90 years old and has been dealing with diabetes, depression, she is very weak and she lost her leg due to diabetes recently. And unfortunately is just me and my brother and he is not very helpful with my parents. So I have to take care of everything. I did not have time to apply for a reentry permit before leaving the US ( when my father had an stroke ) Next week Im flying back to America ( 10 months and 3 weeks ) after I left. Questions 1: Im bringing all those documents. What should I expect at port of entry?? Im bringing with me: - all the medical paperwork translated - my marriage certificate with US citizen -my bank statements in the US including my jointly account with my spouse, my savings account - apartment leasing ( rent ) that we have until July - car insurance for my two cars in the US - my DL e my spouse DL copy showing my address - my tax return from 2018 and 2019 ( jointly with my US citizen spouse) Question 2: I might have to leave the US again after a few weeks, unfortunately my parents cannot be alone now, they are my priority. I want to keep my green card, but my parents are more important . Im only coming to the US now to spend time with my spouse.If I leave the US again in May 2020, Should I apply for a Reentry permit???? Or it is not worth to spend the $600 ( I will be staying 4-5 months in Portugal, maybe coming to the US every 2 months ). I have to remove conditions so I ll probably be back "for good" in September. thank you
  3. I’ve read it before that CR1/2yr or IR1/10 yr GC is based on the date of US entry and not the date of visa issuance. I would like to ask here to make sure this is correct. Marriage - March 18, 2018. If our visa is issued today Nov 20, 2019, it will be valid until May of 2020. Second wedding anniv will be in less than four months. With the length of ROC processing time, my husband and I are thinking to enter POE March 20, 2020 which is two days after our second wedding anniv. Is this safe? Will I be questioned at POE (probably Toronto Pearson) for delaying my entry? Is two days after second wedding anniversary enough or shld we make it at least 5 days after? Thank you so much everyone!
  4. Hi Guys, I got my conditional green card last year may. right now I plan to go to college and need to apply for financial aid. if I apply for financial aid for school, will USCIS go after my sponsor (my husband) to reimburse the benefits I receive? will it affect the removal of conditional green card status next year? thanks a lot
  5. Hi. I want to add affidavits by people who knew us as a couple for I-751. But unfortunately my family does not live in USA. So can I have any of my family member write affidavit for me from their country or does the person has to be in USA?
  6. My divorce is going to be finalized 2 months before my 90 days window for lifting conditions open from my conditional green card (I-751). I have read on this forum that it can be filed as soon as you get divorced. But I didnt't come across this on any official website. It always say to never file before 90 days otherwise it will be returned or rejected. So should I file as soon as I have my final divorce decree in my hand or wait for 90 day window to open? Thank you
  7. Will losing a job affect my conditional green card status, if my income was used for I-864 purposes? I was an international student, and I was working with the OPT program. My US spouse's income was low, and did not meet 125% of the poverty guideline, but I was making a few times more alone, so my lawyer said I could use my income for I-864 purposes. We did not get questioned at all during the interview, and I got a conditional green card last year. Unfortunately, I lost my job a few months AFTER I got my conditional green card. My US spouse still does not make enough income to meet 125% poverty guideline. Will me losing my job after I used my income for I-864 purposes affect my immigration status negatively? I ask because the instruction of I-864 says: If certain conditions are met, an intending immigrant’s income can help you meet the income requirement. If the intending immigrant is your spouse, his or her income can be included if it will continue from the same source after he or she obtains lawful permanent resident status. What does this mean? Since my income has stopped after losing my job, and it is not continuing from the same source, will I lose my conditional green card??
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