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  1. Going through a divorce right now but still under my conditional green card which is expiring Nov 2022. What steps should I be taking in terms of the GC?
  2. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is a correct forum to ask but I have a question for my wife that had been approved as a conditional permanent resident. We did the civil ceremony for the wedding on August~September on 2019 and applied for the green card and my wife got her conditional green card a couple of months ago. We are now planning on doing the actual wedding in our home country, which is South Korea, this coming winter. People are not advising us to go out of the country until the condition has been removed just to be safe for more than a couple of months while my wife is planning on staying there for at least 3 months. Is this not a safe thing to do while you have a conditional green card?
  3. Hello everyone, My husbands interview is finally scheduled and we are getting our evidence together. I am a little bit worried that we don’t have enough. We are both young (22) and I am a student. We are currently living with my parents until I am done with school and have a decent paying job, which should be around January. That being said, we don’t have a joint lease. I am still on my parents health and car insurance until I move out, and my husband is not on those. He doesn’t have a license yet anyway and it was too late to add him onto the health insurance. So far the only thing we have is a joint bank account and I added him onto my phone plan. Is this going to be ok? I was planning on getting affidavits that say that he does live with me and my parents. I’m not really sure what else I can get that is proof. I also filed my taxes as married: filing separately since he did not work, so i’m not sure if I can even use my tax records as evidence?
  4. Hi everyone ! I recently got my conditional Green card, I already have my SSN card (the one that says only valide with a work authorization). My question is do I have to apply for a new SSN card or there is no need and I can continue using this one ? Thanks for your help !
  5. TL;DR Timeline for Los Angeles,CA at the bottom of the post. My husband (Nigerian) and I (female U.S. Citizen) met in mid-2019, and began dating in Los Angeles, while he was in the US for the 4th time on a Business Visitor Visa (B1). After a whirlwind romance, and basically being inseparable, we married at a Chapel (in a mall) in Las Vegas in late November 2019. We used https://simplecitizen.com/, instead of a lawyer, to file our initial Marriage-Based Adjustment of Status Petition (I-485), Petition For Alien Relative (I-130), Application for Travel Document (I-131), and Application for Employment Authorization (I-765) in Los Angeles, CA on February 3rd, 2020 (we filed on paper, not electronically, and sent it using UPS to receive tracking). Simple Citizen was an inexpensive and very thorough alternative to a traditional filing with a lawyer. They also easily included our information about using a joint sponsor. They had all of our documents quickly prepared and we experienced no requests for information or delays from USCIS. The Chicago lockbox received our petition on February 5th and we received our receipt numbers via text on February 13th (the physical receipt followed soon after). My husband went in for his biometrics on March 3rd, 2020; a few weeks before the COVID closures began (were also reused for a later biometrics notice that was canceled due to COVID from USCIS). The Case Tracker App updated to “Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview” sometime in April 2020. My husband was approved for his Employment Authorization Document (EAD I-765)/Advance Parole (AP I-131) Combo Card, 5 months after filing on June 29th and received it on July 22nd. We also moved to another apartment in LA during the petition process and promptly informed them of our new address by filling out form AR-11 online. USCIS confirmed our new address through email about a week later. Our interview was scheduled for February 3rd, 2021 (informed it was scheduled via Case Tracker on December 24, 2020 and notice received January 4th, 2021) at the USCIS Field Office in Los Angeles (300 N Los Angeles St rm 7631, Los Angeles, CA 90012). We woke up bright and early at 4:30 AM and left for the Field Office at 6:00 AM. A few days prior, we chose business casual attire to wear. My husband wore a plaid burgundy button-down shirt, black dress pants, his wedding band, and black dress shoes. I wore a pretty blue and gray floral sleeveless blouse, black dress pants, and black flats. I also wore short, dangly silver earrings, my wedding ring, a silver bracelet, and I brought a black blazer just in case I got cold. I didn’t wear any makeup because I never wear it anyway. We had a straightforward and enjoyable interview that was scheduled for 7:15 am (one of the first ones of the day). We received the interview notice about a month prior to the scheduled appointment, but I was notified that it was scheduled 42 days before the actual appointment through the case tracker app. I couldn’t see the actual interview date in the app or on the USCIS system. Case Tracker App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/case-tracker-for-uscis/id921827126 We parked in the garage (221 N Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90012) across from the Field Office but it was early in the day, parking was not hard at all. When we left the interview and returned to our car the garage was almost completely full, so plan accordingly for parking. We arrived about 20 or 30 minutes late to the interview office due to the long line to enter USCIS Los Angeles in DTLA. We arrived at 6:40 am in the parking garage and had some trouble finding the correct building because we mistakenly went all around the courthouse looking for USCIS, so that delayed us some. This happened because we foolishly followed behind a different couple and lost track of where they walked. This caused us to go to the courthouse instead. Luckily, we still had our phones, which are allowed as long as they are turned off during the interview, and found our way using google maps. Once we found the Field Office the line to enter the building from the right was super long and slow-moving (this was the only line we could see at the time). Later, after already waiting in the slow line, we learned that there was another line on the left, if looking directly at the building, which was faster according to a man we thought was an Officer. I later learned that he was just a good samaritan who wanted to help people with early appointments get in on time (he was in the fast line and had been to this Field Office numerous times). We tested this theory by splitting up to see who would get near the front of the line first and periodically speaking on the phone to keep each other updated on our progress. I also called my mom to distract myself from the growing anxiety about being late (which could lead to a canceled interview/denied petition which then could lead to the deportation of my husband or restarting the whole tedious Petition process-as you could see I was getting frantic). Luckily I was able to stay calm. Soon, my husband called and said he was near the front and I came back to the slow line. As I walked back to join my husband in the other line an Officer in the front of the building also confirmed that the other line was faster (the Officer wanted to know why I was leaving the fast line). The slow line/fast line theory seemed true based on my experience but I went back to join my husband in the slow line because he mistakenly thought he was closer than me. Thankfully, we had absolutely no problems as a result of being late (we both were worried while waiting outside in the line. I was probably more worried though). As you can see the anxiety of being late is no fun. I would recommend you arrive really early to be on the safe side. While going through the metal detectors and having our belongings x-rayed; I asked the Officer what was the fastest way to the USCIS Field Office. He let us know the way and once we got to the office, on the 8th floor, we were called into the interview soon after being checked in. In the interview room, we were sworn in and then started the interview. The Officer (who was a very kind and chatty Latinx woman) wanted to see our passports and original birth certificates, our certified marriage certificate, my husband's EAD and DMV real ID application, my California driver’s license, and evidence of our relationship. Some of the questions she asked were: how we met, describe our first few dates, when we met each other’s parents, when we got married, questions about our siblings, what my husband does for work, what I do for work, when my husband entered the U.S. and on what visa, and when we moved in together. We were able to answer these questions together or she directed them to my husband. In all, she directed most of the questions at my husband and asked us our respective verification questions (SSN, mailing address, residential address, phone number, our parent’s names, and date of birth). I barely had to say anything the entire interview and all of the questions directed at us were easy as pie. We also brought a photo album and the Officer looked through it. I definitely over-prepared for the interview with all the documents and evidence (I started prepping as soon as we got the interview notice on January 4th, 2021). We also brought our joint sponsor’s tax returns and W-2’s from 2018 and 2019, employment letters from 2020 and 2021, and his last 2 month’s pay stubs. The Officer didn’t ask for any of those documents, which made up the bulk of all the things I printed (around 1200 pages). For some of the printing, Staples print services came in handy and I used CVS to print the pictures. The only thing the Officer asked us about our sponsor was how we knew him (he is a friend of my husband; they met through a previous contracting job). I also re-printed our entire Adjustment of Status application, but better to be too prepared than under right? The Officer looked at/kept roughly 100 pages of the stuff I brought. The Officer kept the evidence of our relationship (bank statements, health insurance, trips, our pandemic puppy’s AKC and ICA registration which showed both of our last names, leases for the 2 apartments we rented in our time together, SoCal Gas and LADWP utility bills for the past 3 months, renters insurance for both apartments, couples therapy bill and video call screenshots, and about 30 photos of us with descriptions and dates on the back of them. We also provided pictures of our 2 apartments. The Officer said she wanted to copy our passports, my husband’s EAD and DMV Real ID application, and my driver’s license. Then she came back with our approval letter! We are so happy and had a really simple Adjustment of status overall! The main issue was delays due to COVID closures but everyone has been dealing with that. Overall the waiting process has been, coincidentally, exactly a year (we sent in the petition on February 3rd, 2020 and we were approved Feb 3rd, 2021)! My husband sent in his medical exam (I-693) with our original petition in 2020 so that most likely allowed us to be approved during the interview. We are getting the conditional Green Card so we will apply for the 10-year green card (I-751 Petition) 3 months before the 2 year Green Card expires in November 2022. my thoughts to you is not to worry (easier said than done, I was worrying basically the entire process). As long as you are in a real, loving marriage everything will be fine. Just be sure to have all the documents, evidence, and original (non-expired) identification (follow the interview notice carefully). Don't be afraid to over-prepare (start preparing as soon as or before you get the interview notice so that you won’t get overwhelmed) and don't try to rehearse your answers, as that may send red flags. Also, take a ton of pictures of you and your spouse with family, friends, pets, in your home, on trips, and doing activities and print them (you can’t use any digital methods to show the pictures). Be sure to keep the pictures sorted so that you can use them in an album, with dates and descriptions. I got my album from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003WSUYOY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_itW1xSYVBpCqo) Wait patiently for the slow process to progress and eventually the interview notice will appear (make sure you have a secure location to receive the notices, we have a PO Box at UPS). Using https://www.visajourney.com/ was an especially helpful and reliable way to see when you may have petition milestones as everyone updates their timelines depending on the type of petition they are filing. Be sure to update your timeline on visajourney too so that you can help others. The subreddits r/USCIS and r/immigration were also good resources to read about other people's experiences and keep up with the latest immigration news. In the interview, just act natural and look at it like a conversation/sharing the journey of your relationship/marriage with the Officer. I hope this post helped to ease some of your anxiety about this process and I wish you all the best! TL;DR Timeline for Los Angeles,CA: Married in Las Vegas: 11/22/19 Sent in Petition via UPS (I-485, I-130, I-131, I-765 and included Medical Exam I-693): 2/3/20 Petition Received at Chicago Lockbox (notified via Case Tracker App): 2/5/20 Receipt Numbers Texted to Us : 2/13/20 Receipt Numbers Received by Mail: 2/20/20 Biometrics Appointment Notice Received: 2/25/20 Biometrics (also reused for later biometrics notice that was canceled due to COVID): 3/3/20 Case Tracker App Updated to "Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview": Sometime in April 2020 EAD (I-765)/AP Combo Card (I-131) Approved, notified via Case tracker App: 6/29/20 EAD/AP Combo Card Received: 7/22/20 Case Tracker App Updated to Interview Scheduled: 12/24/20 Interview Date Notice Received in Mail: 1/4/21 Interview/Approval of I-485 (approved in interview, coincidentally, exactly a year later): 2/3/21 Conditional Green Card Received: I will update when it arrives
  6. So I have been reading and I have a question.. My interview date is on February 8th, that is a month from my 2 year anniversary... will I still get the 2 year conditional green card or? It just doesn’t seem fair that I get that if technically we are already married for 2 years it’s just 3 weeks away from that point.. any experience in this?
  7. Once my husband receives his conditional green card, can he file for his parents back in the Middle East?
  8. Hi folks- I filed my ROC with divorce waiver back in April 2018. I got my extension letter around July 2018 for 1 year and then got another one with 18 months extension in August 2018. I never got any letter for Biometrics or never heard any update on my application. Last year June (2019) I got a letter saying case was transferred to another office for jurisdiction. That's it. Nothing after that and online case status still says same: **We transferred your case to..... ** . Should I be worried about the case now? By the way- I got one year more extension on passport in March 2020. Did any filer here from similar timeframe hear anything about the case or decision?
  9. Hello Everyone, I already did my research but I wanted to be doubly sure about this. I got my extended green card which is valid till January 31 of next year. My question is, do I have to do anything in order to renew the conditional green card? Or will USCIS make the decision on my case before my extension expires? Please let me know. Also, I had recently got a mail from USCIS saying that they have completed a preliminary review of the application and that they are transferring my case to National Benefits Center. And I happen to recently check USCIS's website about the case status and it updated to "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview". What do you think about the above updates in the case? I guess I'm just a little anxious since I'm approaching the expiry date on my green card soon, but I wanted your input. Lastly, does anyone know how long does it take for the USCIS to set an interview? My service center is Nebraska Service center or at least that's where their last mail came from. Thank you so much everyone, for taking time and replying to my questions. I really appreciate any and all help offered to me!
  10. Hello Journeyers, My husband had a Conditional Green Card (he came on a K1 Fiance Visa) that expired last summer. We appropriately filed the I-751 petition for removal of conditions within the required time frame and received a notice that his Conditional status had been extended another 1.5 yrs while we wait for the I-751 to be processed. I was filling out some bank paperwork which asked whether my husband is a Citizen or Permanent Resident. I'm assuming that he is not one until he gets his 10 year Green Card. Is that correct? Or is he considered a permanent resident as long as the conditional residency is valid? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I have been working with reduced hours at a seasonal job. Just got news about my last day at work due to Covid-19 and its impact on the budget of the company. My last day will be in two weeks. I know that I asked this question before but now that it's actually happening, I am panic if there will be any possible impact on removing of condition on my GC sure to applying for unemployment insurance. I know that one condition of going on unemployment insurance would be actively looking for a job and meeting up at social security office to report on job searching . However, these days due to the city's locked down, those are not practical possibilities. I might be able to take an online training or applying for home based jobs but those, I believe, would be the extend of the effort during this time and since all these would only be possible on the internet, do I have to stay in US or I could take a trip to Canada to stay with my kids in this crisis and be a support to them while taking a trading online and ect online, perhaps for the next three to four months? Any feedback and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 🙏🙏
  12. Dear members, Im a conditional Green Card holder ( GC expires in November 2020 ) and I have been outside America for now 10 months and 2 weeks. Im gonna be flying back to America next week ( 10 months and 3 weeks ) after my last departure. the reason: Im taking care of my parents overseas ( my father has a heart disease, had 2 strokes on the last 8 months, had to be hospitalized 3 times. my mother is 90 years old and has been dealing with diabetes, depression, she is very weak and she lost her leg due to diabetes recently. And unfortunately is just me and my brother and he is not very helpful with my parents. So I have to take care of everything. I did not have time to apply for a reentry permit before leaving the US ( when my father had an stroke ) Next week Im flying back to America ( 10 months and 3 weeks ) after I left. Questions 1: Im bringing all those documents. What should I expect at port of entry?? Im bringing with me: - all the medical paperwork translated - my marriage certificate with US citizen -my bank statements in the US including my jointly account with my spouse, my savings account - apartment leasing ( rent ) that we have until July - car insurance for my two cars in the US - my DL e my spouse DL copy showing my address - my tax return from 2018 and 2019 ( jointly with my US citizen spouse) Question 2: I might have to leave the US again after a few weeks, unfortunately my parents cannot be alone now, they are my priority. I want to keep my green card, but my parents are more important . Im only coming to the US now to spend time with my spouse.If I leave the US again in May 2020, Should I apply for a Reentry permit???? Or it is not worth to spend the $600 ( I will be staying 4-5 months in Portugal, maybe coming to the US every 2 months ). I have to remove conditions so I ll probably be back "for good" in September. thank you
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