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  1. Hello. We got our NOA2 today. The same day that my fiancée travelled from America for a short stay since we haven’t seen each other for 10.5 months. looking forward to reading the next steps. good luck all
  2. Finally. I picked my fiancée up from the airport (she’s from the USA, arrived in the U.K.) and whilst we were talking, an app alert popped up. we’ve got our NOA2!
  3. Hello filers... This week saw 286 new approvals for March. There are currently 980 Pending RFEs and the total approved for our month is 1768. Almost halfway through all cases (though well over 50% of cases have been looked at now, with that many RFEs). There won't be an update next week, as my Fiancée is coming to stay (and we haven't seen each other for 10 months!) Stay strong; news is coming. *as always, please delete the picture if you quote this post.
  4. Hi, your weekly updates are quite helpful.  Since you are a March filer, I am afraid they will go away when you soon get your approval.  I am an April filer.  I am wondering if you can share any information how you obtain this data?  There are approvals for April coming in now and I would like to see where they stand with April as well.  Thanks!

    1. LoveJonLovell


      The USCIS Case tracker app has a search function. You can search up to 500 cases at a time... it does take some time to compile, but once you have the case number range, it's much easier to update.


  5. Not a thing... 30 days ago our status changed to 'Response To USCIS Request For Evidence Was Received'. It was only a tick box that was missed... So it's frustrating, but there's nothing more we can do. We tried getting the man with the gold involved, but to no avail. we've lowered our expectations dramatically, and yet there's still anxiety. We know that our timeline is completely different to others, but it doesn't change the fact we're still down that there's no movement. It is what it is.
  6. Good day, Filers - Here is the latest update on March cases. Despite there being a holiday this week, we still saw 234 approvals. There are 185 outstanding RFEs (which is 35 more than last week) and I'm not sure if it's a mistake in the data... but 2 new rejections. I'll check that again next week to be sure. That's now a total of 1482 March approvals now, with 2475 applications still waiting for a final yes/no. It's getting close to 1,000 March approvals a month now, so we should see March come to a near close around February/March time. (as always, please delete the photo from responses) Have a great weekend. (and stay strong for those of us still waiting)
  7. We got our app notification on the 8th October, it arrived in the mail on the 13th... we replied on the 13th and they sent notification on the 19th... we're still waiting for movement. It's not fast after the RFE unfortunately.
  8. We're March 5th and still waiting... it'll happen... There are still folks from December waiting...
  9. Hello filers... Momentum slowed a little this week, but lets put that down to it being Presidential Election week! There were still 245 approvals, which is actually pretty cool, and 150 outstanding RFEs. As you can see, filers from the 23rd/24th will start to hear back soon... though there are still people who haven't heard from the start of the month. (163 from March week 1 still need checking). Hang in there, though. News will come! (Please remember to remove the picture if you reply to this)
  10. Good day! It's been another great week for March filers... (even though my fiancée and I are still waiting for our RFE to be processed 😅) There are 130 outstanding RFEs as of now and this week saw 321 new approvals! That's almost 1/4 of March cases approved now! (If you reply, please remember to remove the picture from the quote)
  11. The USCIS have been busy this week... 120 new RFEs (ours is still in there, despite being answered almost 2 weeks ago) 269 new March approvals! That's almost 1/4 of all of March being looked at, now! Great news! (as always, please delete the photo from your quoting of this post - thanks)
  12. What I mean is, there's no point in me collating evidence until the end of the day in California... as some could be added after I've run the report if I do it now. I also live on East Coast time. 😅
  13. You have a few hours yet - The day has only just started in California. 🤣
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