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  1. Have you tried getting in touch with your Senator/Congressperson? Our embassy stuff was dragging on when it shouldn't have been so we got in touch with my wife's senator and that got things moving again.
  2. I had this issue and waited nearly a month because the embassy couldn't see that the medical had been sent over. It may be worth ringing visa medicals and asking them to send it again.
  3. I arrived in the US on Friday on a CR1 and was explicitly told by the border agent that the stamp in my passport was valid for a year for leaving and re-entering the country as a permanent resident.
  4. It isn't possible to call the embassy directly (I don't think), I had to go through the medical centre.
  5. Just to follow up on what Wuozopo was saying, there was a mix up with my medical (embassy thinking they didn't have it, medical centre saying they'd sent it) but once the medical was in the hands of the embassy I got my passport back within 2 days. So I wouldn't worry too much about not having much time between medical and interview.
  6. Well you weren't wrong! Issued this morning and arriving tomorrow. The embassy emailed the senator back saying they didn't have the medical so I rang the doctors (Visa medicals were very helpful and the practice manager also rang the embassy yesterday and sorted it from their end). It's funny you used the term "shake it loose" because that's exactly the phrase the senator's office used when they sent us a follow up. Thanks to everyone for all the advice and support during this time (especially you Wuozopo, you are a diamond).
  7. Thank you very much for the advice. I spoke to the visa medicals centre this morning and they got right on it and rang the embassy. They have now confirmed the embassy has my medical and my case has just been updated to "Administrative Processing". It feels very good to stop seeing REFUSED every time I check CEAC. Even if it is just a psychological thing.
  8. Just another quick update: 13th of September (3 weeks post interview) - Still no movement. I contacted the embassy a week ago to make sure they had received my medical results, but replied they were unable to tell me due to how busy they were. However, my wife contacted her senator for help on the issue and it seems that they are still waiting for my medical results, even though they have been sent. I had previously asked the Visa Medical Centre if they could resubmit the results, and they said no as it is all done electronically. My understanding of the situation is: - The embassy can't see my medical results. - The doctors can't resubmit my medical results. So I don't really know where to go from here.
  9. And the medical is sent over by the doctors, so you don't really need to do anything except wait.
  10. Hi there, I didn't experience a technical glitch, however I am having issues also with the medical to embassy side of things. I had my medical on the 18th of August and interview on the 23rd of August. My medical was sent to the embassy on the 24th of August and since then there has been no movement on my case. I'm hoping it's just a minor hitch due to the consecutive Mondays where the embassy was closed. However, another applicant had their visa issued 2 days (I believe) after the medical was sent to the embassy. So it could be quick, it could be not so quick!
  11. Just an update for anyone who was following along; 18th of August - Medical. 23rd of August - Interview, visa refused pending medical results. 24th of August - Medical results sent to embassy. 1st of September - Case updated (presumably medical being appended to my case). 7th of September - Still no movement. Really hoping to hear something soon.
  12. I wasn't asked for my I-864 but I also had just taken a printed copy as the original was filled in and signed on an iPad. Good luck for your interview!
  13. Also had my interview on the 23rd August but my medical results didn't arrive until the 24th. My case sat un-updated until today so it seems as though things are moving a little slowly there. Although my update still said refused.
  14. Congratulations! Did you get an email or was it just a case of checking the CEAC website? I am also waiting on the embassy to give me my passport back.
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