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    Mark and I met in February 2017 on a site called Date British Guys. We met the 1st week I joined and have been together ever since. I’ve visited England several times and he’s visited Louisville several times. We got engaged in October 2019, married in February 2020, and filed for spouse visa on February 19, 2020. He’s relocating to Louisville, KY as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to building a life together.

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  1. Same issue. Received email this morning that we have a message. We’ve tried different computers and iPads and different browsers Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. The message box is blank. Anyone work this out or do we have to call?
  2. He says he did have chicken pox as a child. Glad it won’t be a worry at the medical check. Thanks all! So glad to have this forum. 😊
  3. My husband and I were looking at the required vaccines for the spouse visa and working out what he might need. The US requires varicella (chicken pox) vaccine, but that is not a vaccine the UK offers. Anyone know how that works for the medical exam? Do they waive it? Will he have to get it once he moves to the US and send proof? Thanks!
  4. I see your point with concerns about social distancing and the virus, but I would say agree with others on video interviews. I would think not likely. I‘m American and married my sweetie in England. In the UK you have to formally declare intent to marry. They required us both to get those little passport photos again and go to the office in Leeds. The woman we spoke to mentioned, just in conversation that people have tried to send someone else to the interview. I think it might be easier to pull off that kind of thing via video. Also someone off camera could be giving the person answers to questions... There’s the fingerprinting and scans... I think they’re pretty definite about wanting the applicant sitting in front of them. Best of luck with everything!
  5. I downloaded the IRS transcripts. There’s no charge for them and you can save them as a pdf file and easily attach.
  6. I’m American and my husband is English. We married in England in February 2020. We’re filing spouse visa and just recently got NOA 2. Yay! I just submitted the I-864EZ and 3 years tax receipts. When I submitted there was a message to bring originals of any information submitted to the interview. It clearly states, “You must bring all of your original documents to your interview.” I had to physically sign the I-864EZ and scan it in electronically because they would not accept an electronic signature. Anyone know if it would be acceptable for him to bring copies I-864EZ and tax receipts or if I need to actually mail them to England so he has my signed one in hand? It seems silly, but I don’t know how strict the interview people are and I don’t want him to get there and have any surprises. Thanks!
  7. Congratulations! We filed February 19 as well, so hoping we’ll hear something soon!
  8. We received NOA 1 pretty quickly and then all this virus mess really set in in March. I know offices were closed to the public, but they were still working on limited staff. Have any other February filers seen any movement at all since receiving NOA 1? I’m starting to worry something is wrong or I didn’t do something right. The waiting is so hard!
  9. Such great news! I was afraid it would be a lot longer!
  10. Does anyone have any thoughts or heard anything about how the coronavirus mess might affect timelines?
  11. Thanks all! I’m reading the headings again and there’s a line “Person’s not sponsored in this affidavit” so even though we are married I’ve already counted him once. People do put the fear of God in you about making any mistakes. We saw an immigration lawyer last year just to get an idea of what this process entails and he basically said he didn’t recommend anyone attempting to do these forms themselves because it’s too easy to make mistakes. Of course he wanted $2,000 to do it for us! Thanks for the help! So lucky to have this site.
  12. On the I-864 I’m a US citizen sponsoring my English husband so in Part 3 #29 I’m answering 1 as the total number of immigrants I am sponsoring. That makes Part 5 #1 auto populate to 1 and item #2 person’s not sponsored in this affidavit (meaning me) auto populate to 1 so the household size auto populates to 2 total which seens correct BUT Part 5 #3 states is you are currently married to enter 1 for your spouse. We are currently married, but answering 1 there makes the households total 3. That seems wrong to me, but we are married. Do I leave #3 blank? Thanks!
  13. Thank you! I see it now. There's a drop-down to choose for Immigration.
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