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  1. HI once your case status switch to Ready you can pay the 265$ and get your appointment. you should receive an email from consulate saying that we receive your case and then after few weeks again the consulate send you the instructions called pocket 3 which includes information regarding the address of medical center and consulate and the papers you need to take with yourself to the consulate .
  2. i have never called embassy . yes i got my appointment i have heard from other italians who have not received letter from embassy once their case send to embassy they got their appointment and it was okay for them. good luck
  3. hi you must receive a letter after you case approved (No 2) from USCIS you could check it online by entering your receipt date online .after your case send to embassy for Naples you dont have to wait for the letter from embassy go a head and get your appointment by paying the fee 265$ and prepare the documents you can find the related documents for naples embassy on the department us website section Naples embassy .
  4. do not worry normally it takes 2 months or a little bit more that NVC send your case to embassy if there no backlog in the embassy you apply for
  5. I was wondering if anyone could help me with that my case soon be in ready status i am trying to prepare documents. do my fiance have to mail me affidavit of support original form with wet ink signature or is it okay to just email me the papers and I print them and take with myself to the embassy thanks in advance
  6. i see i am sorry to hear that.i really dont know how they process cases sometimes they do weird d things with the same date approval dates
  7. try to call NVC to get your case number there should be created till now
  8. you menat it took 2 months for you to receive your case number? does your case transfer to your embassy after 2 months stuck at NVC? does your embassy is accepting k1 cases?
  9. thanks so much for your message. I have heard that there is no AP but could you please ask your lawyer to make sure there is no AP at NVC stage cause lawyers sometimes have more information in this regard I am worried about that. and yes I am part of that facebook December group but I only know 1 italian girl whose case is in transit now ( based on that NVC schedule time her case got in transit on September 14 ) .do you mean that you know few italians who already got their case number but their case did not send to Napels embassy ?
  10. hi my fiance called NVC today and they told him that you need to wait for an email from NVC saying that your case transfer to embassy .we already got our case number i do not know if NVC does another review and administrative processing for cases or not since they did not send my case to the embassy ( my embassy is accepting cases now and there is no backlog)
  11. could you please write when did you receive your case number from NVC
  12. you wil get it very soon just few cases are left it is just your bad luck you are among the last ones dont worry
  13. hi do you get your approval or still waiting i saw many December 4 got approved
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