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  1. It's normal for the biometrics notice to not list the advance parole petition, there's nothing to worry about. Even after my husband did biometrics the status for the advance parole didn't change even when it was approved. He recieved the combo EAD card.
  2. Hello, everyone just wanted to update that my husband's I-485 was approved, no interview. We live in Illinois and Chicago is our field office.
  3. I have heard that some F categories have gotten residency in other African countries that have shorter backlogs and transferred their cases.
  4. Last I saw F2A was still in early 2020 DQ around March/April 2020 DQ. @dwheels76 can confirm the exact month. *sorry not sure why my phone keeps making the text box so big*
  5. Go on Facebook and search for Nigeria America Immigrant Visa process. The group should pop up and you can request to join.
  6. There are groups on Facebook specifically for Nigerians and whenever IL are sent people post to let others know they recieved IL.
  7. Agreed because the COs at the embassy in Lagos can be unpredictable at times so the more evidence you have the better.
  8. I am referring to the greencard interview in the US. He already had his K1 interview in Nigeria and was approved.
  9. Today the customer service representative said our interview was waived on July 1st but our status has changed since we did biometrics. Our field office is Chicago.
  10. Hello, if USCIS informed you that your interview was waived how long did it take to recieve your greencard? We were informed our interview was waived and I am just trying to get an idea how long it takes to get approved. Thanks.
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