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  1. Sounds like it depends on the IO you get. Maybe your friend got one in a bad mood. It sounds like he has a pretty strong chance with the appeal, so I'd still not worry too much about it.
  2. That's fairly amazing he got a denial. When was his interview? I've heard of several people in a similar situation where it had absolutely no problem for them. My GC interview probably isn't for a while but I'll definitely let you know.
  3. Honestly it was like three years ago so I don't exactly remember, but that sounds about right (let's say between $50 and $100). That ticket won't go on your permanent record though, so I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, I've heard the officers don't really care about things like tickets, it's more serious crimes or arrests that they look down on.
  4. On my application I stated that this had happened, but my interview has been scheduled so I'm guessing so far it hasn't been a barrier? Also EAD and AP both got approved without difficulty, so I guess they are potentially more interested in serious crimes? I'm not sure why you got a fine but we got one because we were trying to catch a train and were running late, which I don't feel is a very serious crime.
  5. I had the medical on an earlier date from my interview, so mine may be a little different. But my interview was like this: Arrived at the Embassy, entered and went through a security check. Was then given a ticket number and asked to go to a first officer once my number was called, who checked I had all the necessary paperwork (forms, medical, financial support documents). I was then told to sit down, and was called up to speak to a second officer who asked the following: How we met? What I did for work? What my fiancé did for work? Had my fiancé travelled to the UK to see me at all? What our wedding plans were? After answering all of these, the officer told me everything looked good and I would be issued the visa. I gave them my passport, which I received with the visa 9 days after my interview. Hope this helps!
  6. house.gov to find your local rep. I then called the office and asked to speak with the immigration liaison officer, the individual that helped me. You could try the Senators, but I also live in a pretty red state (Tennessee), and I think regardless of immigration status your congressperson should want to add another job to the local economy.
  7. It took 15 days, I reached out to our congressional rep's office to help us get it over the line. I would definitely contact them if you haven't already.
  8. When I did it they basically checked things like pulse, blood pressure, took a blood and urine sample, and also gave me some vaccinations (you can get these from your GP for free). The only advice I would give is don't smoke any pot before your medical as I saw online that somebody had and they were rejected a visa.
  9. Hi all, I recently requested that my EAD was expedited (long story short, unemployed spouse, job offer), and it was approved today. I got a notification from USCIS that the card is in production and that it would be mailed to me. I am curious about the status of my AP. I had filed for both at the same time, my understanding was that people who filed for both would usually receive a Combo card, however my AP case status on USCIS remains the same. Should I just be received the EAD card, and will wait for my AP to be approved at the usual timeline? Or could I receive both? Thanks!
  10. It's never easy but not that I'm back with my now wife, it's the happiest I've ever been. Just work with the knowledge if you can get through this, you can get through anything.
  11. Pretty sure with a citation you are still required to appear in court, which I was not. I'll check with our lawyer though.
  12. Hi all, I have a quick question. In filling in the i-485, they ask the question "Have you ever been arrested, cited, charged, or detained for any reason by any law enforcement official(including but not limited to any U.S. immigration official or any official of the U.S armed forces or U.S. Coast Guard)?" I was running for a train in New York in 2018, and ran through an open turnstile without swiping my Metrocard. An officer stopped me and took my details, I got a fine which I paid the following day, and the officer said as long as I paid the fine on time it wouldn't go on my record. However, would this count as being detained by law enforcement? Thanks!
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