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  1. Just found this thread Our NOA1 was October 5th 2020, NOA2 was May 13th 2021 and we got our NVC case number etc on 9th June. We're plaintiffs in the London Mandamus, hopefully we will see some movement rather than be waiting in NVC visa petition limbo
  2. I've actually seen a couple October approvals in various Facebook groups which is good. I do think we're going to be waiting a while longer as these approvals are coming out soooo slowly. Buuut, it's so nice to see some October filers finally!
  3. I know that we won't truly know everything about the update yet, but I'm curious if anyone can weigh in with their opinions. As K-1s (all, not just plaintiffs), are exempt from the travel ban now, are we thinking the Embassies are going to resume routine processing because they can't use the ban as an excuse? If so, how long do we all think this huge backlog will take to go through (London is where I'm most concerned), we're talking a year... that's a lot of people. While I'm glad about this for others, my heart is broken because we were praying for our NOA2 to come in so we could join/start legal proceedings and now it appears this will not be an option anymore. It's not lost upon me that this is a huge win, but if I'm being honest, it stings.
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