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  1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. While I don't see some parts of the reasons as an emergency, I am really tired of the excuses that the embassies are using to delay open slots for interviews. So to @amm2016 give it a shot and let us know what the response is.
  2. Typing in uppercase/block letters is usually clearer that mixed and/or small letters Entering NA or None, shows that you actually went over the form and the question does not apply to you (immigration officer does not have to guess) Most of these forms are used for multiple situations.
  3. My usual response to this type of question in general is for you to look at the list of required documents, take that ones that apply to your case (each case is different) Take the original of the documents you submitted and you should be good to go. Asking for a list of required documents here is kind of vague
  4. @MyGODisAble🙏 Try this site "https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/" That should give you both IV and NIV options. Pick the correct option, NIV I think in your case and you should be able to complete your submission. https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx is used to track the status of the case.
  5. Yeah, all you have to do now is to wait. I think this is a learning point for all not to try timing our submissions so tight. Mailing it a day or 2 inside the 90 day window would be the earliest I would drop it in the mail. They get a lot of mail and I would bet that the post marked date is what was used to determine its date of receipt. Due to this 'mistake' of trying to hit the 90 day window at the very top, OP is now at least 2 months behind what she had planned.
  6. Don't know how long it takes but I am assuming that you want to get a history of your entry and departures from the US. https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home That's the site you will need. I think that will be simpler than a FOIA
  7. Not in my name and am waiting on a benefit from USCIS? I would have called them first. Still call them to figure out how to have it sent back. Some will be missing a notification and you might also be missing an update to your case. Check your case
  8. Alternatively you can call USCIS to see if they can help you. Else blank it is
  9. This form is used for multiple categories so some of the questions will not fit ur case. For instance as a USC, if I apply for my mother, she can say yes if my father will migrate with her. The answer to both questions is no. Don't over think the question. This form is for the applicant to fill out but since you are the one filling it out, you will need to think like the applicant.
  10. Congrats. Based on this alone I would estimate from DQ to interview, about 4 months. Not to bad all things considered. If we had an idea of how fast they are scheduling appointments it would help us know if they are clearing the backlog How busy was the embassy when you interviewed? ~Raymond
  11. Am in the same boat as you. Completed NVC stage. Google "us embassy packet 4". Grab a pdf from any embassy site, ideally from the embassy that you will interview at, understand what you will need to do to prepare for the interview. Get any documents that can put together ahead of time. Medical ahead getting an appointment is a no no, it will likely expire. After that all you can do is wait. No manual needed cos this is the last step. We have not idea how much longer, from one or two timelines, I see some people who completed NVC in December already interviewed. Emailing them will not hurt, not sure if it helps either but you will get a generic response
  12. @mindthegap made his own sticker. @beasty says same day in Florida. Try scheduling an appointment in Virginia and they next one is about 90 days out. Last address change I did resulted in my address being updated in the system. No new DL issued. Its was different in every state and the pandemic has not made issues any better. Make the address change, if a new DL is not offered, ask. if refused, work with what you have and tie it all together. Every item in your petition helps complete a picture for USCIS don't get stuck on one item.
  13. I would not worry about which center the requests come from or go to besides these are supposed to be processed electronic now. RFE is kind of good. Your file is being processed. If no update after 90 days of response to RFE, call for an update. Processing timeline for your case is now changed a bit because of the RFE
  14. I would. Along with a note saying that you have moved. It shows that you stayed at the same address and moved together to a new address. This will give you the opportunity to add more proofs (bills, leases) from multiple addresses. Stronger case in my opinion. Have you updated your address at the DMV? Make sure you complete the change of address as required by the state in case USCIS checks I have lived in several states and they all do it differently. Some place a sticker on your DL, others just update their records and yet some reissue the license.
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