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  1. I'm enjoying being finally with my wife and my son, finally, Driver License in hand, the Social Security Number arrived only 9 days after my arrival date, green card hasn't arrived!
  2. Hi Jhonny, I had the same situation today in my interview, they are asking me for another co sponsor and my wife's divorce decree certified. We are working so hard on have them all by tomorrow, but i wanted to ask you, what should we expect as a next step? how long it took for you? thank you. I'm in Bogotá

  3. Hi guys, doing many many things , also knowing my new city, doing things about my driving license too, etc. I hope you all are getting out of this process, I hop you all be with your loved ones! Blessings
  4. Yes, thank you, it´s finally over my friend, I hop it ends to you too!
  5. Hi guys, update, I´m in U.S, yes, it was everything too too fast, because they let me know about picking up my visa last Monday and then I picked up next day morning, and at 11:30 Pm that same day I was boarding an American Airlines to Miami, everything at POE was very smooth and easy and this is my second day in U.S! I hope you all do it well! Have a good night! GOD BLESS U!
  6. Guys good afternoon... I found today thatI was approved but also I´m under Administrative review for the 2 papers that they required, wich means that the issuance of my visa can take up to 60 days since received the required docs, I will be out of VJ untill I got the visa! It´s going to be better for me being out of here in order to handle the stress and the depression of finding that! To all here, I wish you Speedy CC, Speedy Interview Letters, quick interviews and fast issuance and POE! I love u all! Blessings... Jhonny!
  7. Good Evening guys! Still nothing....still waiting...for what...I don´t know...but still waiting, my patience is made of steel, nithing is going to break it! Congrats on those who received good news, Writing the embassy tomorrow, to see what they have to say to us! If still reviewing the documents, what else do they need to review....Case on CEAC isn´t updated since Aug29 , i´m raging because at the end of the process and this delay! totally unexpected!!!!😡🤬
  8. Good morning guys, well, it´s Tuesday and well, I hope and think that this week US Embassy issue my visa, they still are on time but well, that´s what I hope! Hve you all an amazing day!
  9. thank you! GOD hears you
  10. Good morning guys, I was wrong U.S Embassy also observes U.S Holydays , so no news today too! Still waiting! I hope tomorrow have some news!
  11. Let´s see, I think that this week they give me my Visa, My passport is my travel Document, and they know that, I can only have a new one in Cuba, so I think they unlock that soon! I will keep you updated
  12. That site I don´t understand it because doesn´t show any info for Colombia, even CEAC is showing A.P yet! And AIS Visa stills showing Send Documents, wich means, everything stills the same!
  13. Awwwww, so sweet was that! Thank you! You rised me up guys, like Batmank The dark Knight Rises... Visa Journey, the Jhonny of always rises!☺️
  14. Thank you, a lot, I just wanted it to happen that day yesterday, although the weekends are pretty boring, currently in the simulator I'm doing a flight Bogota Vancouver and so I get distracted a lot and at the same time I'm controlling aerial spy in La Havana. Nothing, that things are when God wants them to be, I do not even bother to feel anger or anger, will not solve anything and will only create emotional discomfort, I'm calm, and occupying my head in other things, I'm not thinking about that, ah and listening to the radio stations of my country Cuba that I love and relaxes me a lot! What do you think!?
  15. It´s because this is your home, so feel like that, and It always is going to be OUR HOME, I watching in the future inthis same thread all of us sharing ROC posts, or just saying hi .....Don´t you think?