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  1. I'm enjoying being finally with my wife and my son, finally, Driver License in hand, the Social Security Number arrived only 9 days after my arrival date, green card hasn't arrived!
  2. Hi I'm just starting to fill i-130a and I'm Stuck with many things. 1- The form in the part that I have to provide my job and job's history : Specifically: Part 2. Information About Your Employment (continued) 7. Your Occupation In this part I have to write it in English the name of my occupation... In my case would be: "Aviation Technician and Commercial Transport" Should I write it in Full English I think right? 2- It says if the spouse/wife , the (beneficiary) is not in U.S he/she must NOT sign the form, is this correct? (I dont want to get a delay for just a sign) !!! 3- Address History: In the 5b part doesn't let me type anything!!!! What is this for? Is my current address but must appear in the square something like NOW... (I've been reading that none square must be let in blank, at least write NONE, N/A but NOT let in Blank (Another RFE or delay if so!) 4- Part 1 Information about you: 9a and 9b Dates (What dates do I have to provide in here???) This is for now, but Iḿ sure that I'm going to make many other questions about this... Thanks in advance for your help! Good day to everyone
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