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  1. Fellow Argentinian here too:) approved in 6 months with interview waived. Came here to say I also used this blog!
  2. No, no need for an extension because you are a USC, and overstays for spouses of USC are Forgiven. Plus, in order for him to apply for a visa extension he’d have to do it an an embassy abroad, and he wouldn’t be able to leave the country without his advance parole while he’s adjusting status
  3. Oh no!!!! That’s bad!!! We live in WV and we are getting slammed by snow. I’m a teacher, and we’ve been having to teach remote after we just came back to in person learning☹️. I’d keep collecting evidence, then. I’ll look into my binders tomorrow and I can send you a picture of our cover letter if you want me to.
  4. I was definitely still sleepy this morning and this was an oversight. Two years is definitely not a rush marriage
  5. That’s understandable. Then the best thing to do is to get a B1 and prove ties to your home country
  6. Don’t. Just don’t. As others have suggested, you have a lot of red flags for material misrepresentation (lying to get to spend more time with your gf). Why not get married and do the CR-1 instead?
  7. I-130a and i-693, which you can submit now or wait until you get RFE. Correct. You can handwrite. However, for 24, if your status hasn’t changed, write N/A.
  8. That right there is being entitled and asking people to “leave the thread alone” is what is against the rules.
  9. It might be the officer working on his case working remotely. While I did not have to send it to a particular person, my RFE for GC came straight from FO because they were wanting to waive interview (and they did)
  10. Also W2s and 1099s help, because you both should have the same address on them.
  11. Well, you gotta get creative sometimes and think of where you can add more evidence. The bank statements should work, even if it’s for sending money to one another. Car insurance/ health insurance, lease with both names on it, joint credit cards, 401k/ IRAs, vet bill, joint tax returns, pictures, affidavits, plane/ hotel bookings, you name it. Our utilities are paid by our landlord, so no names on our utilities. No problem, we had the landlord writing an affidavit stating this.
  12. Thanks! I tend to think before hand and I knew we might be nervous during the interview, so I thought about a way that would make things easier to find in case we were required to. We also put a side tab on each document, and we had a cover letter in the binder stating what was where, again, for organizational purposes. We had prepared two binders: one with original and the other one with copies. Of course, when we mailed it we only mailed the one with copies. They returned everything except for the wedding album. Glad that in this day and age we have digital copies!
  13. Hi there! Our interview got waived but we were asked to send evidence via mail. We sent: Tax returns bank statements Three affidavits from friends and family an album with every day pictures our wedding album lease with both names on it vet bill with both our names copy of DL showing same address guest cards to our wedding copy of random mail coming to our house for both of us health and car insurance We also organized them into three exhibits: 1) proof of cohabitation 2) proof of financial comingling 3) proof of insurance We were approved two weeks after! Good luck
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