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  1. Done with interview on sep13th, got 221 (g) slip to submit joint sponsor.
  2. I will suggest to everyone when embassy asked u to submit joint sponsor plz plz don't forget to submit it without I864A form, if the sponsor filing Tax Rturn Jointly. It happened with us we only submitted I864 unti we got the email from islamabad embassy(after 25 days) to submit I864A to process our case. Which I m going to send now and hope to get visa.(INSHA ALLAH)
  3. khanshahid

    All f4s Part 4

    I am in the same situation, don't know how to upload joint sponsor at CEAC website as requested by CO. ANY HELP PLZ!!!!!
  4. khanshahid

    All f4s Part 4

    On Sep 13 my sister had F4 visa interview at Islamabad embassy after her interview visa officer gave her white slip and requested to upload a joint sponsor's affidavit of support on CEAC website. Since then I am wondering how to upload AOS because there is no any option to add joint sponsor on CEAC website. I sent them an email but no answer yet. They also kept her passport and visa officer told her everything looks fine you just need to get AOS and upload it online.
  5. Can you plz let me know how you did upload Aos because on mine there is no option to add Joint Sponsor.
  6. Hi everyone, Yesterday my sister had an immigrant visa interview with USA embassy Islamabad after her interview visa officer gave her white slip and asked her to get joint sponsor's AOS and upload it on CEAC website. Since yesterday I have been trying to upload requested documents but having a really hard time to find out how to upload them. Can anyone please help me how to upload documents on CEAC website so they can issue her visa. Thanks for your help!!!