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  1. Hello Visa Journey friends, Just want to write a little about TB testings and Sputum test for people who apply for US immigration. If your X-Ray is not clear enough to pass medical, they suspect you to have TB. To make sure that you do not have TB. They ask you to go through sputum test. This test is three days testings. Individual has to go to assigned medical facility or lab by US immigration for three consecutive days. medical staff ask you to cough deeply and spit any phlegm that comes up from your lungs into a special container. They send this sample to a lab for culture. if culture comes negative you will be notify in two months. medical staff usually notify embassy directly that you are going through extra testings, and embassy cancels your interview date. If culture comes positive, then you will have to go under TB treatment. ( I heard six months treatment for TB) The reason behind this testing is that US immigration is very strict about positive TB results. They want you to finish treatment before entering into US. Negative results only delay your case for another two months. As soon the negative results are available to assigned medical facility, they send it directly to embassy. Don't worry about to reschedule your interview date. Embassy calls you for interview within a week. This type of medical is only valid for three months. So after interview, if your administrative processing take more than three months, your medicals will expire. After three months or longer, whenever your Administrative processing is complete and embassy is ready to issue your visa, they will ask you to redo medicals. Unfortunately you will have to go through same sputum test and process again and wait for another two months to receive results. As soon embassy will receive the results again, your visa will be issued. I am only writing about this TB and Sputum tests because my family went through this process. It was so hard to find information about sputum test results and immigration in Islamabad Pakistan. I want to help other people who may try to find information about it. It was frustrating two months wait only to know if the TB results are negative or positive. Going through sputum test for six times in total was a nightmare for us since our family member's medicals got expired under AP process time period. So I am writing upon our experience through Islamabad Embassy and Sputum test results. I hope this information will help people who are going through this phase for immigration purpose. Thanks and good luck.
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