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  1. @Zeeshan ch what’s new to your case. Am still in AP
  2. That’s great news. I’m really happy finally you are close to it. I hope to get this call and email soon for redo medical. Best wishes
  3. When did you receive an email for re-medical. I guess it’s good sign. No matter status shows AP UCB
  4. Traveling could be one of the reason taking so long. Changing date really takes up the breath and gives some hope. It’s always helpful
  5. In my case main applicant is on AP from the date of interview (Oct2018) whereas beneficiaries on “ready” but dates are changing. Does your main applicant has travel history?
  6. Obviously “ready” status will change into “issued” when main applicant receives clearance
  7. Am still waiting to get out of admin process since 23 Oct 2018 when I had interviewed at US embassy Islamabad. From the start 4 applicants status shows “ready” while main applicant is still in “admin process” Status date is been changing once a month but not get into ready
  8. When was your interview and how long you have been on AP? from your post it seems embassy return your passport or did you asked embassy to get it back for travel
  9. https://pk.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visa-inquiries/ here red you go for inquiries link
  10. What’s the status of your husband visa? Did you provide fresh medical to embassy and what’s status on CEAC
  11. It’s all about patience and wait game since am in same situation ((AP). I had been interviewed (F3 category) on Oct 23, 2018 and last status updated Nov 8, 2018. After that no changes to case. Embassy don’t even give any timeframe
  12. Between when he was interviewed and did embassy asked him to provide any docs or travel history after interview?
  13. From your post and call from embassy shows his passport will return with visa stamped this week. Keep posted on progress
  14. I had my F3 IV interview at US embassy in Islamabad on Oct 23, 2018 that went very well. CO asked all the questions to me. About my job and and aboard travels which were all officials. At the end she gave me white slip 221g process. Rest of my 4 family members status shows “READY” while mine is “Admin Process” though I had visited States 4 times and my US visitor visa is valid 2021. I know it’s hard to predict AP waiting but I m sharing my case if someone who gave interview near to mine date could help to get an idea of waiting time.
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