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  1. There’s another section that states that all prior reports are wrong and that both embassies remain open
  2. That is correct on NVC’s site it states that because of the shutdown Abuja embassy and Consulate Lagos is closed and will reopen after the shutdown is resolved.
  3. Guys visa status still says “refused” and the case hasn’t been updated since the day of interview 12th decmeber. Should i be worried? I’m starting to lose my mind 😭
  4. Hi everyone, i need you’re help because i have made myself sick over this. My husband had his interview on the 12th of Decmeber. He was give 221g to upload joint sponsor papers, which we did right after the interview. When i check the visa status it say “refused” and the case update hasn’t changed since 12th decemeber. Should i be worried? Anyone had a similar experience or same situation? I’m losing my mind 😭
  5. Insha Allah you’ll hear good news this month. They try and resolve all AP cases within 60 days
  6. I think it’s business days only and you have to exclude the holidays. Was your status AP and then refused or refused from the beginning?
  7. I was worried because i thought it should say AP because he was only asked for joint sponsor and the lady said everything was completely fine. Can you share the link with me too please?
  8. Guys i checked my husband’s visa status it’s says refused is that normal? His interview was yesterday. He was given 221 g for joint sponsor
  9. Refused means that your documents are missing. You should call or email the embassy and ask if they received your documents
  10. It sucks he had all of the paperwork with him and they wanted him to upload it other than that everything was good. Even on nvc’s site it says that the joint sponsor paper should directly go to the applicant to take to interview so i was under the impression that he would. Had i uploaded them on ceac this wouldn’t have happened. 😞
  11. Right now it says for her that it’s at islamabad embassy Thank you! Did you have to submit joint sponsor as well? They asked my husband to upload joint sponsor papers
  12. Did you upload your nikkah nama on Ceac? My sister in law was asked to upload her nikkah nama on ceac her interview was 11 december.