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  1. BugsBunny88

    IRS tax transcript

    They haven’t implemented it yet. And I am glad they haven’t. IRS doesn’t verify some phone numbers for whatever reasons. We called and asked for our transcript via mail and it still hasnt come. So the fax thing saved us.
  2. BugsBunny88

    IRS tax transcript

    When nicedamsel responded to my post I requested the irs to fax me the transcript and they did! It’s correct info
  3. That’s not true. I and a few other people got our transcripts recently via fax!
  4. Yeah, the mail verification takes 10-15 days. You can get the fax right away.
  5. You should call them and ask them to fax your tax transcripts. It takes a few minutes to get the transcripts once you call them. The best time to call them is 7-8 am US time
  6. 4-6 months. Depends on how quick you submit your documents to the nvc and how quick you get an interview date
  7. Call them and ask them to fax you and get it in a few minutes
  8. Yeah, exactly. Even some people called the NVC and they said the same thing. But then sometimes I talk to people and they say it’s required. It’s confusing. I didn’t submit it to CEAC.
  9. But according to the STATES website for Pakistani embassay, they don’t need police certificate from Pakistan. So I am confused
  10. Do Pakistani applicants need police certificate for CR1 ceac application and Interview in the local embassy?
  11. True. Spousal visa question. And he went there when he was two years old as an alien relative as his parents were permanent residents and now they are citizens. His mom came here in Pak for two years when he was born and went back.
  12. In a single file? What does that mean? Did you upload it in parts?
  13. Here Is the scenario: Husband is a US citizen and has been there since he was 2 years old. So he has the citizenship. His first marriage were with a US citizen like him that ended in divorce. He got married again to someone from another country who is also divorced and that divrorce happened 4 years ago. So now his wife is in the CR1 visa process. Do you think that divorce can cause any delays on the interview day?
  14. Idk. If they are approved then probably you don’t need it. But you can get the transcript easily by calling them and giving your fax number. They send in five minutes. We don’t have a joint sponsor so no idea You don’t have to upload anything as your case is complete.