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  1. U mean to say that petitioner should contact the congressman or senator ?
  2. Yeah I can imagine how annoying and frustrating it is to wait for 5 to 6 months and then being asked for further documents.. even I am waiting since 6 months for their response. I do pray that ur case solves soon and visa is issued ASAP .
  3. They did not ask u for new joint sponser at the time of interview ?
  4. My interview was on 6th August 2019 and was asked to provide petitioner proof of domicile which I submitted on 20th August 2019 . tilL then waiting. yes u r right but when ever I inquire through embassy they just send auto Reply that case in AP and documents not reviewed till now .
  5. No I didn’t . I think questionnaire is same as DS-5535 ? No I didn’t , I think questionnaire is same as form DS-5535 ?
  6. InSha Allah evrything will be fine and all will be approved ASAP ameen . Just keep on praying . my relative also had 221 g after interview in 2018 sept he was also marked nothing but written in red pen to upload irs transcript and after 87 th day of submission he was approved . what category is ur case ?
  7. Hi, I was also interviewed on 6th of August , the CO took interview around 20 mins or so and asked plenty of questions, however at the end he give me 221g asked to upload W-2 and proof of domicile. Although he saw the w-2 and said it’s perfect u just need to upload it on ceac, we will review it and then u are good to go. He didn’t tick any thing apart writing in red pen under general requirement heading for domicle and w-2 upload. I submitted the documents on 19 th Aug till then I have received 2 updates one on 11 th sept and other on 4 th oct by itself . And status is same refused. What is ur category ? And how many updates have u gotten updates ? Expect for the updates u get when u inquire them.
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