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  1. Just check on 1.d ( I am the only joint Sponsor) For 2nd Question, only Tax Return Transcript FY2018 & W-2 is okay, For Joint Sponsor you really need three things; I-864 , Tax Return Transcript and W-2 of the current year, if you have IRS form 1099 its also good
  2. M.Ali


    Thanks to everyone, I found the mail address for US Islamabad Embassy.
  3. Inshallah Brother, I hope we both get rid of this tense situation Inshallah. Everythin will be Okay, and we will get visa this month Inshallah. Amaeen
  4. Thanks for the help, I am still in the Reused status, they also want the joint sponsor to upload on CEAC website. I have done already before the interview but CO had the problem on his system. I upload same I-864 Joint Sponsor again, I have no idea whats going the glitch on NVC website. I pray this time not will happen again. Also if you sent the documents then your status must change to READY then AP after that Issued. Sometimes status changed to direct AP then Issued. I have seen two people cases from Pakistan Islamabad Embassy that's why I wrote dowm here
  5. M.Ali


    Can anybody tell me which email address to send the immigrant visa related documents to Islamabad Embassy? I have tried my best to find out the consular email address(Islamabad Embassy) but I could not find it, if anybody know let me know. Thanks in advance
  6. dear Ybabyboy45, Do you know the Islamabad embassy email address to send the documents, I have sent by CGI drop box facility but I want to send my email. I mentioned the immigrant visa enqury but does not know thw consular Email address, thanks for the reply
  7. If you already upload the documents then no need to worry about it, if its approved on CEAC website then they will work on your case. for the email see US Embassy islamabad website. https://pk.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visa-inquiries/ Whats about the CEAC status after interview? If it comes to REFUSE after interview, it means they need primary information and if you provided that information then it must go to AP, after that issue will come, kindly let me know if you faced this status change process.
  8. Did you submit by post? I mean from Drop Box Facility. Also you need to email the new joint sponsor and upload on CEAC website. Did they ask for new joint sponsor? If yes then why they reject the previous joint sponsor?
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